Disney cuts same-sex kiss from ‘Star Wars’ showings in Singapore

Mary Margaret Olohan, DCNF   Disney removed a scene showing a lesbian kiss from a new “Star Wars” movie in Singapore, where same-sex marriage is illegal. The final […]

Bank robber suspect throws stolen cash in air, yells ‘Merry Christmas!’ before heading off for Starbucks

A Colorado man waited at a coffee shop for police to arrest him after he allegedly robbed a bank and then threw the stolen cash into the […]

‘Peloton husband’ sticks it to haters when he posts perfect Christmas gift for ‘actual girlfriend’

If you’re easily offended, then beware, because you’re in for a world of hurt, baby. Remember the otherwise benign Peloton ad that sparked fire and fury from […]

Dem insiders reportedly banking on Sanders to surge big time, but not everyone’s buying it

Sen. Bernie Sanders is suddenly starting to look good to Democrat insiders. The Vermont senator and 2020 presidential hopeful has recently gotten the attention of Democratic operatives and […]

US soybean imports in China surge following interim trade deal

Chris White, DCNF Chinese imports of soybeans nearly doubled in November as the communist nation seeks a trade deal with the U.S., one of its biggest suppliers […]

Teen Vogue called out for ‘most harmful form of racism’ after pitiful and patronizing Christmas tweet

According to the predominantly white authors who write for Teen Vogue, it’s contingent on white people this Christmas to talk about politics and “protect people of color.” […]

Trump calls Dems bluff on being ‘national security threat’, suggests it’s time to primary ‘Crazy Nancy’

President Donald Trump has had it with Democrats claiming that impeachment is a matter of “national security” while Nancy Pelosi refuses to hand over the articles to […]

Chuck Todd gets brutal backlash for wild ‘confessional’ about GOP on coordinated disinformation campaign

The cognitive dissonance of the left knows no bounds … In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine last week, MSNBC host Chuck Todd — an extremely partisan […]

GOP Rep takes heat for sharing video clip of Hillary almost taken out by light fixture on Christmas

Rep. Paul Gosar took a shot at Hillary Clinton in a message with a reminder of the “reason for the season.” The Arizona Republican took a moment […]

Colleges are dropping testing, curriculum standards in order to create ‘diversity’

Hannah Lalgie, Campus Reform   Colleges across the country are altering admissions requirements and curriculum in order to improve “diversity” ratios on campus. These alterations typically hinge on […]

‘Needs to go to Sunday School’: Buttigieg slammed for Christmas tweet saying Jesus was a refugee

Mary Margaret Olohan, DCNF   2020 presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg sparked a backlash on Christmas Day when he tweeted that Jesus Christ came into the world “not as […]

CNN analyst rudely invokes ‘Diamond & Silk’ to mock suggestion Hunter Biden testify

A CNN political analyst scoffed at the idea that Republicans could call on Hunter Biden to testify in the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump. Foreign policy columnist […]