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Actor Pierce Brosnan steps out of liberal line, praises economy under Trump

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Actor Pierce Brosnan gave President Trump credit for the economy and praised him for the job he had done.

The James Bond star conceded that Trump’s economic policies were a “step in the right direction” during an interview with ITK.

Brosnan, who just last year lamented how long he could tolerate living in the United States under Trump, admitted that things are now “very good” in the US economy.

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“I think what he’s done for the economy is very good,” the 66-year-old “Mama Mia” star told ITK. “People are working, and that’s a step in the right direction.”

“This country is part of my life,” the Irish-born American actor responded when asked about his previous comments.  “I’m an American citizen. I love America and America’s been very good to me. And I want to see happiness come back into our society.”

But in a 2018 interview with The Mail on Sunday’s Event magazine, Brosnan had a decidedly different view of the president.

“That man has torn this country apart and you have to work out how much longer you can stay here,” he told the U.K. entertainment magazine.

Though Brosnan was enthusiastic about Trump’s economic policies, the same could not be said about other issues such as the environment. The president “has to pay attention to the climate change” and “support the rallying call of the young people,” Brosnan said.

“He has to get out of the coal business, the oil business. It’s just devouring the Earth around us. And there are other ways. We’ve seen it from other societies, other cultures,” the actor continued.

As for his pick for a 2020 presidential candidate, Brosnan said he is “biding his time.”

“We shall see,” he said.

Despite the relentless pursuit by Democrats to remove Trump from office, he continues to use their negative tactics against them as his poll numbers continued to rise.

The booming economy under the Trump administration seems to have confused the left as even CNN talking heads wondered this month why the impeachment sham has only boosted the president’s popularity.

Bank of America’s Global Fund Manager Survey revealed a coming boom in the Trump economy for 2020 and indicated that, despite the gloomy outlook from liberals who can’t give the president credit, as actor Pierce Brosnan did, a recession is “unlikely” in the coming election year.

(Video: Fox Business)

“The Democrats will have to do better if they want to beat the president,” Fox Business host Stuart Varney said, adding that we are living in the “best-performing” economy of the world, and it is the president’s “big re-election issue.”

Naturally, liberal Twitter users slammed the actor for saying anything positive about the president while others applauded the rare Hollywood hat-tip.

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