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A big change for popular pro-Trump show ‘Last Man Standing’ ahead of 2020 election

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In a world where liberals and progressives rule entertainment media with an iron fist, Tim Allen’s “Last Man Standing” has been a bastion of conservative ideals.

While the show has been through quite a whirlwind – being canceled by ABC then being picked up by Fox after angry conservatives made their voices heard – it looks like the changes aren’t going to be stopping any time soon. Luckily for LMS and its fans, this most recent change is “MAGA” encouraging.

According to Pop Culture, Fox is moving “Last Man Standing” to Thursday nights in 2020 and will take the slot of Thursday Night Football once the season ends. This is a huge deal for the show, as it is a prime time slot that will allow for maximum viewership at a time that people had already carved out of their schedules to catch the game. Tim Allen himself confirmed the change in May 2019 and appeared to be quite pleased with the decision.

It’s worth noting as well that the extremely conservative-leaning show will be receiving this amazing spot right ahead of one of the most contentious elections in our nation’s history. While it may not have a major impact on the upcoming election, it certainly has the opportunity to rile up right-wing voters and get them excited to head to the polls.

But Allen doesn’t just lecture about politics from his ivory tower in Hollywood like some celebrities. No, he takes on the topics of today with humor and sarcasm. Like Saturday Night Live, but funny.

Here are a few examples of some of his greatest zingers and one-liners:

More on the upcoming change from Pop Culture:

“One of the other goals was to find a new companion to Last Man Standing which the network found in new family sitcom Outmatched,” Fox Entertainment President Michael Thorn explained during the network’s conference call before their annual upfront presentation, according to TV Guide.

The move from the series’ standard Friday night timeslot, a spot it had even when it was airing back on the alphabet network, comes as WWE Smackdown Live makes the move from USA Network to FOX in 2019, the sporting event taking the Friday night timeslot that Last Man Standing, Fox’s second most-watched and third highest-rated scripted series, had occupied.

It looks like double-booking your time slots can be a blessing in disguise! Conservatives can rest easy in 2020 knowing that their favorite show (and one of the only ones on television that don’t demonize their political views) is going strong.

Sierra Marlee


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