Jill Biden under fire when she heads south of the border to dole out gifts to asylum seekers

Jill Biden came under fire from an Angel Mom who criticized her for handing out Christmas presents to children in Mexico who were awaiting the processing of their […]

6-year-old discovers plea from foreign prisoners in China in Christmas card

Mary Margaret Olohan, DCNF A 6-year-old London girl discovered a plea reportedly from foreign prisoners forced to do labor inside a Christmas card. Florence Widdicombe was looking […]

Immigration changes enacted in LBJ-era tips Electoral College in Dems favor, study finds

A new study appears to confirm a belief by many on the right that Democrats have long been manipulating immigration laws, artificially altering demographics in the quest […]

Tucker breaks down disingenuous new preachiness of the left, and real reason Christians support Trump

Tucker Carlson ripped into the left and South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg in the wake of criticism of President Trump and his Christian supporters. The Fox News host […]

Here’s the original story of the miracle that took place on Christmas Eve

Mary Margaret Olohan, DCNF Biblical accounts describe the first Christmas Eve: the night when Joseph and Mary arrived in Bethlehem. There was nowhere for Joseph and Mary […]

NJ teacher files fed lawsuit against Board of Ed for discrimination after he’s fired over gun comments

A tenured New Jersey teacher is out of a job following accusations that he made angry statements about his gun ownership. Former Tamaques Elementary School teacher, Frank Fuzy, has […]

Teen allegedly stages pregnant sister’s disappearance, kills her because she was a family ‘embarrassment’

A demented Texas man is believed to have murdered his 23-year-old sister, dumped her body in a nearby field and then tried unsuccessfully to stage the murder […]

State Dept opens massive security training center, simulated city with floods, protests, other disasters

The newly-opened Foreign Affairs Security Training Center in Blackstone, Va., is a massive 1,350-acre compound that was approved by Congress. The facility was built to provide comprehensive lifesaving security […]

‘Trump Town!’ Fla realtor pitches Trump a deal to turn mobile home park into first Presidential district

A Florida real estate broker has a $1 billion offer he thinks President Trump just can’t refuse. Palm Beach County realtor James Arena wants Trump to buy […]

‘You’ve got to be kidding?!’ Republicans go off as Dems threaten new articles of impeachment

Understanding there will be no check by the media — which was once looked upon as the fourth branch of government, but is now seen as a […]

Tom Fitton says the only ‘full-blown trial’ needed is for ‘Adam Schiff and his cohorts’

Tom Fitton of the authoritative watchdog group Judicial Watch warned Monday that so long as Democrats control the House, President Donald Trump may face endless impeachments (note the plural) […]

Pentagon warns consumer ancestry DNA kits pose security risk

Members of the military are being advised not to use consumer DNA kits, which have private companies collecting the information. According to an internal Pentagon memo, take-home DNA kits could […]

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