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Hillary Clinton supporter tells ABC reporter she’s ‘disheartened’ by Dems’ impeachment: ‘It’s sad’

Screen capture … Martha Raddatz interviewing voters in Michigan … Credit: ABC

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Anti-Trump reporter Martha Raddatz interviewed voters in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan this past weekend to get a sense of how they are feeling about impeachment. Apparently, there weren’t enough rabid impeachment supporters to fill out her story assignment, as even some of the Democrats the ABC reporter spoke with who made it through the editing process to the broadcast are clearly tired of the charade and are fearful that it will all backfire and hand the 2020 election to President Trump.

One 2016 Hillary Clinton supporter in Pennsylvania said she is “disheartened” by impeachment. “I just think we have to come together, and we’re so divided that it’s sad,” she said.

Democrats in Michigan that Raddatz interviewed are concerned that Michigan will go to Trump, perhaps due to the impeachment charade. “I don’t think this is going to help the Democratic Party. I really don’t,” said one progressive. “In fact, I have great fear that the opposite is going to happen. But I don’t think you have a choice when you look at the rules, you look at the Constitution.”

Another Dem voter claimed that the president “will twist it to his advantage any way he can. Will it help him? It will just solidify his base.”

A conservative voter told Raddatz that Trump’s impeachment at the hands of Democrats is “just something he’s going to have to get through, and he will.”

In Ohio, one woman said, “Half of my family and friends are for him and half of them are not, so we rarely talk about politics among our groups. We’re happier that way.”

In Pittsburgh, a 19-year-old college student told Raddatz that in his first election as a voter he will vote Trump. “I like the way he works with the economy and how he produces jobs, keeps taxes low for the middle class, which is what my family is,” he said.

Raddatz came to the obvious conclusion that, in the three critical swing states, the voters are deeply divided. However, her interviews also showed that the whole impeachment scam is whittling away at the patience traditionally left-leaning voters have with the Democrat Party.

Watch a clip of the ABC News segment here …

Video by ABC

According to Rasmussen polling data released on Friday, 50% approve of the job President Trump is doing, while 48% disapprove. Rasmussen also reported on Friday that “51% agree impeachment is ‘abuse of power’ by Democrats.”

Since the official impeachment ball actually started rolling in the Democrat-controlled House, Trump approval ratings have not declined as one might expect. In fact in many polls they have edged upward. Real Clear Politics tracking of various polls over time can be viewed here.

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