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Trump puts Tlaib’s obnoxious impeachment gloating on blast: ‘Anyone think this is good for USA’!?

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Despite demands from the Democrat handlers not to cast impeachment in a celebratory light, Michigan Representative Rashida “Impeach the MFer” Tlaib decided to post a video of herself and her colleagues happily walking toward the pre-determined vote.

While Nancy Pelosi and company assured us that this was a “somber” and “prayerful” process — even going so far as to glare down her peers for cheering the vote — Democrats were on hand to present evidence that this impeachment was anything but one giant party to them.

Rashida Tlaib, who first pricked conservative ears with her outrageous “impeach the m*****f*****” speech, posted a gleeful video where she seemed to be quite excited to have the opportunity to finally make good on her election day promise.

“Hey guys, I am on my way to the United States House floor to impeach President Trump on behalf of my incredible district, 13th district strong. Let’s do this!” Tlaib says, donning a smile as big as Texas.

President Trump, who has gone rounds with Tlaib before, re-tweeted the video, simply asking whether anyone thought it was “good for the USA.”

But she wasn’t the only Democrat who was caught covertly (or overtly) celebrating the occasion. As BizPac Review‘s Samantha Chang noted, Adam Schiff was spotted Charlie Palmer’s steakhouse on the night before the official House impeachment vote. Likewise, a handful of Washington Post reporters took a night to bask in the arguably meaningless achievement, tweeting a photo of themselves with the caption “Merry Impeachmas from the WaPo team!” After intense pushback, the photo was deleted and the group offered little in the way of apologies, saying that the tweet was “misinterpreted by some as an endorsement of some kind. To be absolutely clear, we at the Post are merely glad we are getting a break for the holidays after a long 3 months. I will retweet the group photo w/ a better caption!” A classic mistake that could have been made by anyone, you know.

Now that articles of impeachment have passed a House vote – without one Republican voting for them – President Trump and the rest of the country are waiting for them to be handed over to the Senate. But the Washington Examiner’s Byron York doesn’t think it’ll be that simple. In fact, it looks to him as though Nancy Pelosi may just sit on the articles as a way to maintain control of the conversation.

The president issued a tweet with much the same message:


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