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Pelosi shushes cheering Dems with death glare as she drops impeachment gavel

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi certainly didn’t want Americans to get the wrong message on impeachment and gave her caucus a deathly glare when they cheered her vote count.

The California Democrat raised her hand and quickly shot a serious look over at lawmakers who seemed to celebrate as she dropped the gavel Wednesday, reading the tally of votes on the first article of impeachment, charging President Trump with abuse of power.

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“On this vote, the yeas are 230. The nays are 197. Present is 1. Article One is adopted,” Pelosi said, bringing down her gavel as a few cheers could be heard from Democrats.

She quickly silenced them with a hand motion and a stern look, prompting an outburst from Republicans.

Dressed in black to further dramatize the soberness of the occasion, Pelosi delivered the tally on the second article of impeachment, the charge against Trump for obstruction of Congress.

“The yeas are 229, the nays are 198. Present is 1. Article Two is adopted,” Pelosi said, banging the gavel once more.

(Video: YouTube)

Ahead of the party-line vote to impeach Trump, with Rep. Tulsi Gabbard voting “present,” House Democratic leaders had reportedly warned members not to appear celebratory when the impeachment of Trump was announced.  Democrat lawmakers put on their masks and lamented how the day was “sad and solemn,” according to Axios, but they had to be directed to quash their cheering.

“One Democratic member from a Trump-won district said the instruction is: Don’t cheer, keep it solemn,'” Axios reported.

CNN’s Manu Raju remarked on how Pelosi had directed Democrats “not to gloat at all during the proceedings.”

CNN’s Brian Stelter noted the mood expressed by his colleague Dana Bash who reported on the “grave” mood ahead of the House vote.

Bash had made the laughable comment that impeachment was, “despite the Democrats’ talking points, not something that this Speaker wanted to do for and about this President.”

Democrats remain ever the drama queens, proclaiming they are “prayerful” and “solemn” while having to be scolded for cheering the impeachment of the president.

Frieda Powers


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