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Leftist gets violent with pro-Trump reporter when she can’t produce facts behind her allegations

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Even as members of the left continue to falsely accuse President Donald Trump of lying and promoting violence, they themselves continue to lie and act out violently.

The latest viral act of left-wing violence in fact occurred during a pro-impeachment rally Wednesday evening in Austin, Texas, and involved Savanah Hernandez, a non-white Trump supporter and InfoWars reporter who showed up to question the attendees.

But as Hernandez spoke with one particularly crabby female attendee, the unnamed woman lost her cool and essentially assaulted her.

Watch a short clip of  the assault below:

A longer video available for review further below shows that the woman began hassling Hernandez from the beginning, calling her a “chop-shop reporter.”

She and some other woman also claimed without evidence that an underage girl had once claimed to have been sexually assaulted by the president …

“I’m not familiar with the minor. Can you maybe give me a name so I can look it up later?” Hernandez asked in confusion.

“I’ll Google it,” the soon-to-be perpetrator replied.

After speaking with other attendees for about another minute, Hernandez then turned her attention back to her soon-to-be perpetrator and asked, “Did you find that name for us, ma’am?”

“It’s taking me some time,” the unhinged anti-Trump zealot replied.

That was probably because there’s no credible record on Earth of a minor accusing Trump of sexually assaulting her.

There was however an allegation by a grown woman three years ago that Trump and deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein had raped her when she was 13. However, the woman later dropped the allegations.

“And you said this was a minor that was sexually assaulted by Trump?” Hernandez pressed.

Another attendee then suggested that the non-existent minor was the president’s daughter, Ivanka, who’s been busy this week celebrating the passage of a paid family leave bill she’d helped promote:

Unable to find any evidence to back her fictitious claim, the soon-to-be perpetrator then began talking about the dubious allegations that have been made against Trump by grown women and also brought up the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape.

And that’s of course when she finally snapped and unveiled her inner “progressive.”

Watch the full encounter below:

If only this was one incident …

Within the past few weeks alone, there have been multiple instances of deranged, mentally unhinged left-wingers losing their temper on Trump supporters.

Over the weekend a pro-Trump women’s group was allegedly harassed and attacked by an angry wedding party of apparent Democrats at the Willard Hotel in Washington, D.C.

Included in the group was Jonathan T. Gilliam, a well-known retired Navy SEAL who’s appeared on Fox News:

The Saturday before the wedding fiasco, a group of Trump supporters who traveled to Olympia, Washington, to protest a genuine white supremacist event wound up being harassed and assaulted by far-leftists affiliated with the group Antifa.

According to Reggie Axtell, a member of the Portland, Oregon-based pro-free-speech, pro-liberty fraternity Patriot Prayer, he and other Portland locals traveled to Olympia to protest and march against a scheduled Hammerskins rally.

But when Axtell and his allies arrived at the rally to protest the Hammerskins, they found nobody there but members of the radical left-wing terrorist group Antifa.

“When we showed up, there were no Hammerskins,” he wrote in a Facebook post published later that afternoon. “[B]ut Antifa freaked out and hundreds of them chased the six of us on foot. We can’t let this continue. This IS domestic terrorism, this is what Antifa groups want to do to everyone who disagrees with Communism.”

See more footage from the assault below:

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