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Kirstie Alley rips ex-Hillary adviser on capitalism: ‘Democratic socialist dumb as saying gentle Nazi’!

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

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Actress Kirstie Alley fired a shot at democratic socialism while in the middle of a war of words with a former Clinton adviser.

The “Cheers” star locked horns with former Hillary Clinton campaign adviser Peter Daou on Twitter over the topic of money and billionaires, calling him out for seeking attention and denouncing the term “democratic socialist.”

(Image: Fox News screenshot)

Daou kicked things off when he asked his nearly 283,000 followers for a “good reason one person should have a BILLION dollars.”

Not surprisingly, Daou, who recently worked with Sen. Bernie Sanders, was inundated with pushback on Twitter where users schooled him on capitalism. He lashed out after a bit at “right-wingers” who were defending the billionaires.

“Welcome to all the rightwingers defending billionaires because you think they care about you,” he wrote. “Hint: They don’t.”

Alley joined the many voices slamming Daou for his economic ignorance.

The Democratic strategist came back with another tweet mocking the 68-year-old actress and her views.

“You asked for ONE good reason a single person should have a billion dollars. I gave you ONE. There are several more. You didn’t ask for a debate or a thesis. Your request must have been rhetorical so you could demonstrate your brightness,” Alley fired back.

She also took aim at condescending socialists like Daou and others who attacked her, noting how the use of the term   “democratic socialist” is “as a dumb as ‘gentle nazi.'”

Alley even took aim at those criticizing her for being a Scientologist.

“You can tell a persons IQ by the way they attack things that have NOTHING to do with the subject at hand,” she wrote. “Example: ‘Oh yeah? You don’t like Beagles? OK well that’s because you’re a Mormon!!’”

And while Daou gave up trying to battle the fired-up actress, he did go on with his rant about wealth and conservatives ignoring kids in cages.

“DEEP SICKNESS We share a country with people who are more outraged about billionaires having to pay taxes than children dying alone and in agony on cold cage floors,” Daou tweeted Tuesday. “And these people scream ‘big government!!’ and ‘don’t take away their liberty!!’ at the thought of oligarchs being taxed, but have no problem with government controlling women’s bodies.”

But Twitter users who didn’t buy his narrative continued to echo Alley’s remarks.

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