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Seattle-area officials resign after hiring raunchy stripper for homelessness conference; video goes viral

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Turns out, there are some limits for the left, such as twerking transgender strippers performing on the public dime at conferences on homelessness.

Kira Zylstra, director of a Seattle-area public agency for homelessness, resigned over the weekend in response to a scantily-clad transgender performer, Beyoncé Black St. James, kissing and giving lap dances to attendees at a recent annual conference, The Seattle Times reported.

Given the size of the stripper, there had to be some pretty sturdy laps at the event.

A spokeswoman for the county’s Department of Community and Human Services told the newspaper an investigation into the conference was underway, which will include “the leadership of All Home,” the name of the agency.

Rev. Bill Kirlin-Hackett, director of the Interfaith Task Force on Homelessness, was one of the attendees and he told the Times he wasn’t offended by the performance — yes, you read that correctly.

Instead, the reverend was worried that critics of the city’s approach to homelessness would use the shameful video to go after the local government.

“I’m not personally offended by it, it just seemed so wrong and out of place for what we were there for,” Kirlin-Hackett stated. “I just knew it was going to hit social media and when it hit social media, this is kind of like what every opponent of the collective work would wish for.”

The resignation by Zylstra, who was placed on leave last week from a role that paid around $123,000 a year, is effectively a moot point.

The All Home homeless agency she led for almost two years as the acting director may “soon become obsolete,” the Times reported.

A regional homelessness authority has been approved recently that will encompass Seattle, Seattle, King County, and suburban governments — the new agency will have more power over budgets and policymaking than All Home has had.

“We can now begin to stand up the new King County Regional Homelessness Authority, and transform how we help all people find a safe, secure place to call home,” King County Executive Dow Constantine said Monday after the Seattle City Council voted in favor of the new agency.

The Regional Homeless Authority will have a $132 million budget.

With homelessness a rampant problem in so many Democrat-run cities, liberals still haven’t grasped that the more you subsidize a behavior, the more of that behavior you will see.

As for the budget, the City of San Francisco is expected to spend more than half that amount, $78 million, on street cleaning in the coming year in the face of an epidemic of human feces, courtesy of the homeless.

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