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Jersey City lawmaker under fire after public rant blaming Jews for deadly attack on kosher market

Jersey City Public Schools

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A member of the Jersey City Board of Education is under fire for a now-deleted post on Facebook that seemingly justified last week’s deadly shooting rampage at a New Jersey kosher market that claimed the lives of four people, to include a police officer.

The incident is being described as hate-fueled domestic terror. According to reports, the suspects, David Anderson and Francine Graham, hated law enforcement and Jews, and were linked to the hate group the Black Hebrew Israelites — both suspects died at the scene.

Joan Terrell Paige, elected to the school board in 2018, posted an anti-Semitic rant about “the brutes of the jewish community.” The post, heavy on conspiracy theories, was in response to an article about a vigil for the victims.

“Where was all this faith and hope when Black homeowners were threatened, intimidated, and harassed by I WANT TO BUY YOUR HOUSE brutes of the jewish community?” Terrell Paige wrote.

“They brazenly came on the property of Ward F Black homeowners and waved bags of money,” she continued.

The rant speaks of rabbis selling body parts and suggested the Jewish community has deliberately planted guns and drugs in Jersey City. It said Anderson and Graham were prepared to die to call attention to inequities being perpetrated on the black community by Jews.

“If we are going to tell a narrative it should begin with TRUTH not more cover up of the truth,” wrote Paige. “Mr. Anderson and Ms. Graham went directly to the kosher supermarket. I believe they knew they would come out in body bags.”

New Jersey’s Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy called on Terrell Paige to resign Tuesday night.

“We will not let anti-Semitism and hate go unchallenged in our communities. In light of Ms. Terrell-Paige’s comments, I urge her to immediately resign from the Jersey City Board of Education,” Murphy tweeted.

Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop, also a Democrat, called for Terrell Paige to resign.

“My opinion is she should resign. That type of language has no place in our schools and no place amongst elected officials,” he tweeted. “Imagine she said this about any other community — what would the reaction be? The same standard should apply here.”

Former New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind, founder of Americans Against Antisemitism, took to social media to announce that his group plans to confront the school board member and call for her resignation.

“We will not sit idly by as Jews are murdered and their blood trampled on by vile antisemites. We’re going to the next Jersey City board meeting to confront Joan Terrell and demand her resignation,” he tweeted.

Hikind, whose Twitter feed shows numerous examples of Jews being harassed and attacked in New York City, also shared a video of members of the local community blaming Jews for the attack.

“SHOCKING VIDEO: As Jewish bodies were still laying in cold blood after being murdered by terrorists in Jersey City, a rep of @AmericansAA captured spontaneous antisemitic tirades blaming Jews for their own murder & ppl cheering it on!” Hikind tweeted. “Antisemitism, a bigger problem than appears.”

Tom Tillison


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