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Climate activists set-up numerous blockades to stop train hauling coal, upset it ‘refused to stop’

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A group of climate change activists reportedly attempted to block a freight train hauling coal to New Hampshire.

No one was hurt but video of the incident, shared on Twitter by an environmental reporter in Massachusetts, appeared to show a slow-moving train with horn blaring, attempting to get through the group of climate change activists gathered on track in the darkness.

Activists holding small lights and surrounding the tracks were visible in the video posted by WBUR reporter, Miriam Wasser, which showed the train as it went through Worchester, Mass. Calls were placed on an emergency hotline to alert the train that there were people on the tracks.

An activist group in the state tweeted in response to the video saying that the train “refused to stop.”

The group describes itself as a “grassroots movement in New Hampshire dedicated to stopping climate change and saving our economy.”

“Our plan is simple,” the group’s website states. “Stop the construction of new fossil fuel infrastructure, and demand renewable energy.”

Earlier this month, the group touted efforts to block other freight trains at various points in New Hampshire, including Worcester, Ayer and Hooksett.

“In 2019, there’s no reason for us to still be burning coal,” Marla Marcum, director of the Climate Disobedience Center, told the Boston Globe following the earlier protests, noting that the activists had called the train’s dispatchers ahead to warn them.

No arrests or injuries were reported in the protest in Worcester, as a train delivering coal to Merrimack Station, a power plant in Bow, was blocked. But police arrested a dozen protesters for trespassing on railroad property in Ayer and another 12 were arrested in Hooksett, after hanging an anti-coal banner on a railroad bridge.

While climate activists cheered on the efforts to shut down the plant, others on social media called out the protesters and their agenda.

Frieda Powers


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