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Damning montage of ‘smug’ journos defending debunked dossier renews call for media accountability

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A video supercut released in the wake of the Justice Department inspector general’s report reveals a “stunning” montage of clips showing the partisan agenda being pushed by liberal talking heads.

The video collection by Grabien Media’s Tom Elliott exposes the blatant disregard for the truth from anchors, reporters and so-called journalists in liberal media enclaves who insisted ad nauseam that the infamous Steele Dossier was credible.

(Video: YouTube/Grabien)

The claims in the dossier, a compilation by former British spy Christopher Steele, were debunked and, with the release of Inspector General Michael Horowitz’ report, should have prompted reports on how wrong the media was, but then again, no one really expects that from the left.

In the opening clip, CNN’s Alisyn Camerota is seen nearly shouting at Rep. Jim Jordan, insisting that the dossier has been “corroborated.”

“I know the history of the dossier, but it has not been discredited. In fact, it’s been the opposite, it’s been corroborated,” she told the Ohio Republican.

Claims are made by other talking heads on CNN and MSNBC including Jim Sciutto, Nicolle Wallace, John Harwood, and Rep. Ted Lieu of California.

“Some of the substantive content of the dossier, we were able to corroborate in our intelligence community assessment, which from other sources, in which we had very high confidence,” former National Intelligence Director James Clapper said.

But according to Horowitz in his report, none of that information was corroborated.

The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway called the montage ‘stunning’. “There must be accountability”, she tweeted on Friday.

“To date, none of it has been disproven and whole big parts of it are holding up,” Wallace reported.“It’s a fact that none of it, not one word has been disproven. In fact, a lot of it turned out to be right on the money.”

“It’s not been corroborated but it hasn’t been disproven either,” MSNBC’s John Harwood once declared.

“No major thing from the dossier has been conclusively disproven,” MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow insisted.

In testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee this week, Horowitz revealed that the FISA applications used by the FBI while investigating the Trump campaign were based “entirely” on the Steele Dossier and contained 17 errors or omissions.

Another supercut by the Washington Free Beacon takes a look at the media comments about the FISA warrants that were clearly addressed by Horowitz in his report.

(Video: YouTube/Washington Free Beacon)

The left’s agenda couldn’t be clearer, and Democrats have used a willing media to spread its hatred of President Trump for more than three years.

Frieda Powers


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