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Leftist who assaulted, threatened Republican leader on campus records bizarre, vulgar retaliation video

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A left-wing political science student at Sacramento State was captured on video appearing to repeatedly slap the College Republicans’ president emeritus.

The incident being the latest example of how militant the intolerant left has become on college campuses with those who doesn’t share their radical views.

The aggressive student, identified by the Sacramento Bee as Keaton Hill, takes several apparent swings at Floyd Johnson II, before threatening him, “You’re going to end up f*cking dead!”

Kaitlin Bennett, a pro-Second Amendment advocate known for her graduation photo from Kent State featuring her carrying a rifle on campus, shared the video online.

“This deranged leftist and LGBT activist named Keaton Hill assaulted and threatened to kill @FJtheDeuce, a black conservative at Sacramento State. This is reportedly the 2nd time Keaton has violently attacked college Republicans at @sacstate,” Bennett tweeted.

The incident occurred on Friday and is being investigated by Sacramento State police after Johnson filed a report, but no charges had been filed as of Saturday, according to the Bee.

Turns out, the gods must have been smiling on Hill.

“I didn’t choose to fight back because I’m 6-foot-5 and he’s 5-foot-6 or 5-foot-7 or something. It really would have been unfair,” Johnson told the paper. “And anyway, the way he was hitting me was open-handed. If he was connecting and actually hurting me, then I would have engaged with him, but in that moment I was more focused on videoing the incident and recording what was going on.”

Typical of a liberal, Hill offered a self-serving apology that avoided any mention of him striking Johnson in speaking with the State Hornet newspaper.

“I apologize for lunging at Floyd’s phone, although I strongly emphasize that it was not without provocation,” he said.

The confrontation started Thursday evening over an anti-abortion Facebook post.

“I hope that kid on your page dies of whatever cancer they have,” Hill wrote, before allegedly challenging Johnson to say whatever he had to say face-to-face.

The two share a European politics class and Johnson told the Bee that Hill said “f— you” as he walked past him Friday in class. The video above is Johnson confronting Hill afterwards.

To get a feel for Hill’s character, he posted a “bizarre” video message in response to Bennett sharing the video.

In the vulgar clip, the highly immature, entitled student expresses pride in being gay while spewing hate against Republicans and President Donald Trump.

*Warning: Unsettling Content

We can only imagine what CNN’s Bakari Sellers might think about Hill’s mug…

According to the Bee, there was a previous altercation last year at a College Republicans event, when Hill “tried to slap” a person recording a video.

Sacramento State president Robert Nelsen said on the university’s Facebook page that the incident “in no way reflects Sacramento State’s values.”

He added that “everyone deserves to feel safe and secure in expressing their identity and beliefs,” a creed that doesn’t often apply to those right of center.

“I am deeply disturbed and appalled to learn that there was a fistfight on campus today between two students,” Nelsen said in the statement. “We are investigating the situation, but I want to make it unequivocally clear that violence is never the answer.”

The claim of “a fistfight on campus today between two students” doesn’t offer much hope for a judicious outcome, given what was seen in the video.

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