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Matt Gaetz takes high road, gives witty response to disturbing ‘suicide’ satire from The Onion

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House Judiciary Committee member Matt Gaetz, a politician by trade, has got jokes — even in the face of disturbing double standards and hypocrisy.

On Thursday, the satirical news website The Onion ran a story mocking him for having scorched Pamela Karlan, the law professor who’d disrespected President Donald Trump’s 13-year-old son while testifying to the House Judiciary Committee.

The mocking came in the form of a Photoshopped image of Gaetz holding a gun to his head.

“Matt Gaetz Solemnly Raises Pistol To Head After Realizing He Used Barron Trump’s Name While Scolding Witness For Using Barron Trump’s Name,” the photo’s caption reads.


It wasn’t really funny because it made no sense. Gaetz invoked Barron Trump’s name to defend him, whereas Karlan invoked his name to insult his father. Big difference.

But the congressman neither took umbrage nor threw a fit. Instead, he responded with some humor of his own.


Now THAT is actually funny because it speaks to something true — namely, the fact that Gaetz is a 37-year-old bachelor, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Unfortunately, his detractors didn’t appreciate his calm indifference, so they responded by trash-talking him, accusing him of picking a fight with The Onion, trying to raise support for his congressional challengers and resorting to homophobia.


The latter tweet was based on the popular conspiracy theory among the left that Sen. Lindsey Graham is a closeted homosexual.

To be clear, Gaetz wasn’t “picking a fight” with anybody. It appears he was just joshing and jabbing in a fun, playful manner.

And this despite the purported seriousness of the matter. Some of the congressman’s supporters have argued that a similar photo featuring a Democrat — any Democrat, whether alive, dead, or even fictional — would have never survived on Twitter.

Why? Because of its draconian enforcement of rules pertaining to alleged “hate speech” and alleged violence. Rules that have been gleefully exploited by Democrats and their mainstream media allies to try to silence and deplatform those whom they dislike.

As of Friday morning, The Onion’s story remained posted on Twitter — as it should in an ideal world where free speech is actually guaranteed and celebrated.

The problem is that a bunch of other stuff had been removed from Twitter. And not just any stuff but stuff significantly less “hateful” than The Onion’s violent post.

Journalist Andy Ngo was suspended from Twitter and forced to remove a tweet in which he’d shared a fact — albeit an inconvenient fact that belied the Democrat Party’s agenda.

Journalist Keean Bexte was reportedly suspended from Twitter and forced to delete a tweet in which he’d reported news — literal news — about a left-wing transgender activist known for his highly disturbing stunts and antics:

And, to top it off, one of Ngo’s many harassers was outed as a Twitter employee. As of Friday morning, this Twitter employee — one who was abusing his power to harass a non-establishment journalist — still remained active on the social media network. And according to his LinkedIn page, he still remained gainfully employed as well.

While Gaetz deserves praise for remaining so nonchalant in the face of mockery, it’s a shame that he and everybody else who refuses to toe the Democrat Party line has to contend with so much hypocrisy and so many double standards.

Vivek Saxena


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