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CNN takes a beating after it’s called out by ‘Daily Show’ for cutting ‘to the wrong black guy’

(Image: PBS screenshot)

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CNN’s on-air gaffe during this week’s impeachment-inquiry hearing was mocked for cutting away to the “wrong black guy” in Congress.

A video clip tweeted by “The Daily Show” poked fun at the network after its camera error during Wednesday’s House Judiciary Committee hearing.

“CNN cut to the wrong black guy,” the tweet read, sharing a video clip of the moment after Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., called on Rep. Cedric Richmond.

(Image: PBS screenshot)

But instead of the CNN clip panning to the Louisiana Democrat, the camera operator landed the focus on Rep. Hakeem Jeffries in expectation of his line of questioning.

(Image: PBS screenshot)

The camera quickly moved after a few seconds over to Richmond who was sitting next to his New York colleague.

CNN tried to explain the error by claiming it was using pool video, “which means we are not in control of the shots.”

While CNN’s own fact-checking is sometimes questionable, “The Daily Show” did their own investigating and reported back with side-by-side comparisons of C-SPAN, MSNBC, and Fox News coverage along with that of CNN. The results? CNN was the only network to cut over to Jeffries.

CNN did not respond to the rebuttal, but many on Twitter did as reactions ranged from laughter and outrage to defending the camera operator for a simple “mistake.”

CNN was called out Thursday over its move to pull a YouTube compilation made by Grabien Media’s Tom Elliott.

The supercut of CNN clips raving about the “historic” impeachment proceedings against President Trump apparently rubbed the network the wrong way.

The mainstream media has left no doubt about its bias against Trump in the impeachment sham, and a recent piece in The Washington Post raised eyebrows and voices when “journalists” were encouraged to make the case for impeaching the president.

“If you still need proof that the mainstream press is biased against the President, look no further,” Rep. Jim Jordan tweeted, adding his outrage to many like Fox News’ Brit Hume who also slammed the piece. “It’s not journalists’ job to change minds. It’s their job to report the facts.”

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