Giving a gift card? Might as well throw your money away

By:Tawny Maya McCray Over $45 billion wasted on America’s favorite gift. Gift cards are a popular present for the holidays, but people aren’t always great at using […]

Kellyanne Conway knocks elitist Pamela Karlan off her Ivy League high-horse: ‘Who the hell are you, lady?’

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway unloaded a scathing takedown ofStanford law professor Pamela Karlan and her arrogant view of “half the country.” In a fiery rebuke of […]

GOP Rep Steve King blasts Republican Party for treating him like a ‘federal felon’

Rep. Steve King came to his own defense at an Iowa town hall as he railed against Republicans for treating him like a “federal felon” and stripping […]

Strassel, Attkisson would like to know when Schiff will be held accountable by media for ‘snooping’ on free press

With all eyes on the latest on Democrats’ impeachment circus show, it seems that attention turned away from House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff “snooping” on members of […]

‘Get your words straight, jack!’ Biden loses it when man asks about Burisma, challenges him to ‘pushup’ contest

Joe Biden got into an intense back-and-forth with a voter in Iowa on Thursday. Video of the incident is going viral and is yet another black eye […]

Swalwell attempts to sidestep Dem’s former impeachment stance: ‘I’m going to live in the present’

Failed presidential candidate Eric Swalwell appeared on Fox News’ “The Story with Martha MacCallum” on Wednesday night to make his best case for impeachment, but his pitch […]

McCarthy fires back at Pelosi: ‘This is the day Alexander Hamilton warned would come’

During his weekly press conference on Thursday,House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy provided House Speaker Nancy Pelosi with a history lesson and responded to her dubious claim that […]

elizabeth warren mike bloomberg
Elizabeth Warren trashes Mike Bloomberg for trying to buy the election, while on Bloomberg News

Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren defiedBloomberg News’ blackout on negative coverage of its owner Mike Bloomberg by criticizing the billionaire during an interview on the media platform he […]

Trump at 52%! Impeachment continues to implode, Dems in swing states could be hardest hit.

A handful of new polls spell bad news for Democrats and great news for President Donald Trump. The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Thursday, December […]

Pelosi SNAPS when James Rosen asks if she ‘hates’ Trump: ‘Don’t mess with me!’

While House Speaker Nancy Pelosi may not necessarily hate President Donald Trump, she does certainly seem to loathe those journalists who have the courage to ask her […]

Brad Parscale and George Conway trade brutal barbs: ‘How far you’ve come with hate!’

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway’s obnoxious, loudmouth husband, George Conway, is simply incapable of keeping his trap shut. Except this time, his antics awakened the wrath of […]

George Zimmerman drops $100m lawsuit, claims key witness in Trayvon Martin case was an imposter

Luke Rosiak, DCNF The Trayvon Martin case was built on an elaborate fraud, withRachel Jeantel pretending to be the girlfriend who was on the phone with Martin […]

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