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Greg Gutfeld to Kamala: ‘Screw you, you are a big jerk’ for blaming American public for your failure

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Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld is glad to see Sen. Kamala Harris drop out of the 2020 presidential race.

The co-host of “The Five” blamed the California Democrat for her own campaign’s failure, calling her out for acting like a “jerk” to the American people.

(Video: Fox News)

Harris abruptly announced Tuesday that she was suspending her campaign as she dropped out of the Democratic presidential race following weeks of low poll numbers and citing a lack of finances. Her exit affected the Democratic field’s claim of diversity and sent liberals into a tailspin Tuesday.

The co-hosts of “The Five” discussed the former candidate on Tuesday as Juan Williams contended that Harris never effectively “picked a lane” in the crowded field of Democratic rivals.

“What was the lane for her?” he asked, noting where the other 2020 contenders fit on the left to center spectrum.

“I think that she didn’t try hard enough to find that lane,” Gutfeld responded.

“I felt that she thought that any effort was beneath her,” he added, calling the California lawmaker a “big jerk” over an interview in which she wondered if the nation was even ready for a “woman of color” to be elected president.

Harris had referred to her electability as the “elephant in the room” during her interview with “Axios on HBO” in October.

“What a jerk, because America as a population is willing to get behind everybody and everybody. They had a two-term black president. Hillary got … the popular vote. And for her [Harris] to say the reason why I lost is because of you,” Gutfeld said. “Screw you, you are a big jerk.”

He admitted that he once had “high hopes” for Harris but now sees her differently.

“I can’t stand this person because [of] what she did, blaming the American public because you’re a failure, because you didn’t work hard enough,” he said. “That is so pathetic.”

Harris’ campaign began to flounder as her initial support seemed to dwindle over the months, forcing personnel changes that even included a top aide taking off to join another campaign

Gutfeld noted that Harris had “ticked all of the identity boxes” in being “female, black, young, leftist.”

Co-host Dana Perino reminded her colleague that Harris was also a former prosecutor and could have used that background to rally support.

“She couldn’t galvanize that to win a campaign? That is on her, it ain’t on the public!” Gutfeld continued. “I’m glad she’s gone.”

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