School bans Christmas cards – and not for religious objections

An England elementary school has banned students from giving each other Christmas cards over concerns about the “impact” on the environment. Headteacher Jonathan Mason, from Belton Lane […]

Woman’s naughty ‘Peloton girl’ spoof goes viral

A parody video of the now-infamous Peloton holiday gift commercial has gone viral for its spoof of the “tone-deaf” advertisement. Writer and comedian Eva Victor earned laughter […]

Collins goes after ‘pandering’ law professors for ‘malpractice,’ smug anti-Trumper is ‘insulted’

Pamela Karlan, a pro-impeachment law professor at Stanford Law School, was triggered by Rep. Doug Collins during Wednesday’s impeachment inquiry hearing. Collins blasted leftist law professors called […]

The clash begins: Collins comes out swinging, motions to call Schiff as a witness

Rep. Doug Collins blasted out of the gate of Wednesday’sHouse Judiciary Committee hearing with a blistering opening statement calling the Democrats’impeachment inquiry a “simple railroad job.” The […]

Tom Fitton: ‘Schiff coup report’ is full of ‘falsehoods, fabrications, smears, and misstatements’

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton slammed the impeachment process against President Trump as an “unrivaled” abuse of power and thinks Republicans should justboycott upcoming hearings. The founder […]

Professor Turley, tho not a fan of Trump, takes on 3 Dem witnesses, entire impeachment coup

While “witnesses” who have thus far testified to the House in the impeachment inquiry have been in support of the removal of the president without providing any […]

Lou Dobbs slams Georgia gov for Senate pick: He’s ‘telling the president of the United States to go to hell’

Fox Business host Lou Dobbs slammed Georgia Governor Brian Kemp for snubbing President Trump by picking Atlanta businesswomanKelly Loeffler to fill the U.S. Senate seat vacated by […]

6-bladed US ‘ninja’ missile that minces victims reportedly shreds 2 jihadists near al-Baghdadi hit

An airstrike conducted in northwestern Syria has reportedly left two targets dead at the hands of the deadly “ninja” missile, otherwise known as the AGM-114R9X, a device […]

‘Blowhard…Putz’: Donny Deutsch is especially triggered by Tucker Carlson’s McCarthyism charge

An MSNBC panel ripped Fox News host Tucker Carlson as a “blowhard” over recent he made about Russia. Nicolle Wallace discussed the remarks with a “Dead: […]

Kamala Harris hits back at Trump after he mocks her failure: ‘I’ll see you at your trial’

President Trump to some time on Tuesday to say goodbye to Kamala Harris’ lifeless 2020 presidential campaign, and the California senator shot back with a tweet that […]

Ex-intel official says Trump frequently expressed skepticism, challenged facts in briefings

A former Trump intelligence official who resigned in August after being passed up for a promotion has had some interesting things to say about her former boss. […]

Pelosi’s Pause: ‘Unlikely’ impeachment vote will come before Christmas

Despite the growing lack of support for the Democrats’ impeachment campaign against President Trump, it seems a full House vote may have to be stretched out until […]