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Gutfeld blasts ‘drooling sheep-like’ reaction to faux Lisa Page ‘kill-shot’, ends up in Twitter spat

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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld went off on the liberal media Monday in response to a Daily Beast interview with former FBI lawyer Lisa Page, who along with illicit lover fired FBI agent Peter Strzok, found themselves at the center of the controversy in the Mueller Russian collusion investigation.

Rabid Trump-hater Molly Jong-Fast presents Page as a victim who has been treated poorly by the president, and Gutfeld reacted Monday on “The Five” to what he saw as a coordinated effort to rehabilitate Page’s image ahead of the expected release of the Justice Department inspector general report on FISA abuses.

“They call it a puff-piece,” Gutfeld said of the interview. “But it was all puff and no piece.”

“The story to me is always about the media and how they create these kinds of things,” he continued. “When you saw the story break, you saw the drooling fanbase immediately tweet the story out, and then you look at the people she follows on Twitter — they’re exactly the same. And they all pushed it at this big kill shot, right, they really got him. But if you look, it’s the same crowd regurgitating the same self-congratulatory bunch of crap. It was so sheep-like in how everybody copied each other.”


He said the way the media propagated the interview suggested “marching orders” had been issued.

“This was a fruition of a courtship between the press and Page for a while that guaranteed it would make her look like the victim to evil, evil Trump,” Gutfeld said. “The people who boosted this piece instantly are the same group of people that have been saying this stuff forever, so it was all planned.”

As a comedian, Gutfeld doesn’t get a lot of credit for being a deep thinker, even when he offers up astute observations such as he did Monday in explaining why President Trump’s platforms to reach the people are so critical.

“When you see a coordinated effort like this involving the media, Never-Trumpers, people who hate Trump, you see why his tweeting and the rallies are so important, because they control all the other tools,” he said.

As the saying goes, if you’re catching flak you must be on target, and Jong-Fast took to Twitter to ridicule Gutfeld’s assessment.

“I don’t want to call it too early, but I think [Greg Gutfeld] may have the dumbest take on my Lisa Page interview,” she tweeted.


But Gutfeld was far from the only one to call the interview out for what it was.

In reporting on the interview on Monday, your humble correspondent wrote: “If Strzok was still Page’s lover, he’d surely feel threatened by Jong-Fast, who called her ‘just another public servant like Fiona Hill or Marie Yovanovitch,’ in a puff piece that works overtime to rebuild the disgraced former bureau attorney’s image.”

In the piece, Jong-Fast described Page as “slightly crumbly around the edges the way the president’s other victims are.”

Page claimed she followed the rules and did nothing wrong, and even said she does not “engage in any sort of partisan politicking at all.” If that isn’t enough comedic value, Jong-Fast shared that Page commiserated over “what Trump has done to the FBI.”

The tweet from Jong-Fast resulted in a short back and forth between the two.


Here’s a quick sampling of other responses from Twitter:

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