Elizabeth Warren announces inauguration outfit details. People start seeing pink.

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The 2020 Democratic presidential primary comes down to who can appeal more to the radical, hard-left base of the party. The battle pits Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., against Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and Pete Buttigieg, the openly gay mayor of South Bend, Indiana.

And few things strike the nerve of radical Democrats than Planned Parenthood, as the killing of unborn babies is sacrosanct.

All of which prompted Warren to declare at a University of Iowa town hall that she will wear her pink Planned Parenthood scarf when she is sworn in as the 46th president of the United States, should the nation lose it’s ever-loving mind and elect her to office.


“I spoke and I wore my pink Planned Parenthood scarf… I’m gonna be wearing that scarf when I’m sworn as president of the United States,” Warren said Monday in Iowa City.

One could assume that would be a step up from wearing a pink “p*ssy hat.”

The candidate was asked by a woman about reproductive healthcare rights and she responded with the remark about a scarf — which says a lot, if Democratic voters are listening.

“I made the decision when Donald Trump was elected — I decided I would go to the inauguration … but it was important to me what I wore. I’ll tell you what I wore: I wore my scarf that has in big letters on it embroidered, ‘Planned Parenthood,'” she said in full, according to Disrn. “And then the next day I showed up at [the Women’s March]; I spoke and I wore my pink Planned Parenthood scarf. Now that’s two, so here’s my plan for number three: I’m gonna be wearing that scarf when I’m sworn as president of the United States.”

For what it’s worth, social media users are highly skeptical that Warren will one day call 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. home.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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