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Biden’s ‘No Malarkey’ slogan is ‘ultimate OK, Boomer’


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Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden sparked plenty of mockery with his “No Malarkey” bus tour through Iowa, prompting an MSNBC anchor to note criticism of the phrase as the “ultimate OK, boomer.”

While the former vice president is reportedly “proud” of his use of the word, MSNBC’s Kendis Gibson questioned whether it further cemented Biden as an out-of-touch 2020 contender, too old to connect with younger generations of voters.

(Video: MSNBC)

The network’s weekend anchor wondered what exactly the word “malarkey” means in a Sunday segment, referring to the catchphrase Biden used in his 2012 vice-presidential debate with Paul Ryan.

“A lot of people online have been making a lot of fun of it, saying it’s the ultimate ‘OK, boomer,’” Gibson said, speaking with reporter Mike Memoli, who was on location in western Iowa.

“What do voters there in Iowa think of this ‘No Malarkey’ thing? Gibson asked.

Momeli noted that Biden is appealing to “an older demographic” and the phrase “fits with his style,” adding that the Democrat explained that it is “an Irish term that means no B.S.”

“There’s some people who are saying why not, in this age of President Trump, why not just put ‘B.S.’ on your bus,” Gibson said.

Even over at CNN, the wisdom of using the phrase was being questioned.

The “No Malarkey!” phrase is emblazoned on Biden’s tour bus as he makes his way on an eight-day tour through the first caucus state, but it doesn’t seem to be generating the same excitement the 77-year-old candidate is apparently feeling over it.

“It’s aptly named — the reason we named it ‘No Malarkey’ is because the other guys all lie,” Biden told supporters at one Iowa campaign stop, according to Politico.

“He does seem genuine. [But] it’s an older word. Not necessarily in touch with younger people,” Isaac Lawrence, a 19-year-old Biden supporter, said. “It’s the first time I’ve heard it in a while.”

“I’m afraid he’s going to be disregarded as, ‘Ok, boomer,'” Jill Potham lamented.

As Biden’s tweet announcing the “No Malarkey” tour was shredded online, his goofy reaction to a moment with his wife seemed to reinforce the negative impression he was leaving on some voters.

Social media users seemed to agree, mocking the phrase and Biden’s lack of appeal to millennials among other things.

“It’s not a great slogan when you have to put the dictionary definition on the side of your bus,” GOP Rapid Response Director Steve Guest tweeted.

Conservative columnist Kimberly Ross joined many others on Twitter to mock the use of the term.

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