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Media serves up Thanksgiving guidelines to deal with ‘bewitched’ pro-Trump family members

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Ever notice how you rarely see Thanksgiving Day guides from the media informing us on how to survive sharing the dinner table with unhinged liberals?

But there is no shortage of such guides on how to deal with supporters of President Donald Trump, who are portrayed in the worst possible light.

A phenomenon captured perfectly by one social media user, who likened the annual holiday gathering to the progressive left leaving their echo chamber to visit the rest of the country.

The tweet brilliantly said: “This is hilarious… it’s like they’re all psyching themselves up to leave their echo chambers. I hope they all survive their visits to the rest of the country.”

The tweet was in response to a tweet from Cassandra Fairbanks, a political activist and journalist, who may have had an even better offering.

“How about you just stop being whiny little b*tches and eat some food?” she tweeted, along with a sampling of some of the media offerings.

Included was the liberal outfits The Hill, The Atlantic and USA Today, along with hard-left Raw Story.

The Hill made little effort in disguising its bias, running an article titled, “How to shut down your Trump-supporting family member at Thanksgiving dinner.”

The piece from self-avowed “independent” Marik Von Rennenkampff says “political discussions should not be about left or right, Democrat vs. Republican. Instead, they should be about what is objectively right or wrong for the country.”

“With these realities in mind, the facts are simply not on Trump’s side,” he submits, before launching into a detailed breakdown of the president’s perceived shortcomings.

Almost as if they were reading from the same script, The Atlantic ran a piece on how truth and Trump are two separate entities.

“There is truth and there is Trump. Truth won’t stop being truth. Trump won’t stop being Trump,” wrote Ibram X. Kindi, a historian at American University.

For Kindi, it’s all about keeping the impeachment fires burning over the holiday, as he says “to talk politics, in this age, is to talk Donald Trump. And to talk Donald Trump, on this Thanksgiving, is to talk impeachment.”

To get a feel for how unhinged Kindi’s take on the “truth” is, the liberal stated that “Trump and his operatives have bewitched ordinary Americans into supporting his interests over their own.”

He suggests that liberals should not lash out at family members who support Trump because “our relatives are the victims of Trump’s lies, of Trump’s policies, of his raids on democracy.”

Talk about post-turkey heartburn.

Raw Story would have disappointed us had they not served up a deranged helping of some sort, and their headline fits the bill: “Here are 5 one-liners to fight back against your right-wing family members at Thanksgiving dinner.”

As for USA Today, the paper makes an effort at being neutral, though the hidden sentiment is revealed in the second paragraph.

“With the Democratic-led impeachment process under way and President Donald Trump’s Twitter feed, streaming constantly, with insults, it’s time to go back to the fundamentals of how we talk and eat without developing indigestion,” the article reads.

The Democratic Party’s impeachment effort was the order of the day for the media, as seen from the Associated Press, which offered an “etiquette coach” to handle troubling political discussions.

The piece is titled, “On the Thanksgiving menu: Turkey, with a side of impeachment.”

The reaction on social media suggests that those on the right have little need for a list of survival tactics, and more often than not are provoked by the TDS crowd.

Here’s a sampling of some responses to the story from Twitter:

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