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AOC-endorsed New York City ‘F— the Police’ protest turns violent, more than 50 arrests


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Lawlessness has once again taken over the streets of New York City, where on Friday hundreds of protesters marched, vandalized city buses and police cruisers, yelled expletives at local police officers, cut open turnstiles, and much more.

Their concerns? One was New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s plan to hire 500 additional officers to patrol the town’s sprawling network of subways, where murder, rape, robberies, and assaults have steadily been on the rise.

See some footage from the march below (*Language warning):

(Source: Twitter)

Nearly 60 participants were reportedly arrested.

“The crowd swelled to about two hundred people soon after the protest kicked off at about 5:30 p.m. in Harlem … As the group headed east on 125th Street near Malcolm X Boulevard, marchers chanted ‘f*** the police‘ and ‘fare free NYC,'” the New York Post reported.

“The crowd, some carrying signs that read ‘NYPD Out Of The Subway,’ then marched north toward The Bronx, shutting down traffic on the Third Avenue Bridge by taking over the roadway.”

See more haunting footage from the protests below:

Another concern was the New York City Police Department’s alleged harassment of locals.

“It’s like police harassing working class people that are trying to find income trying to find a way to get by in an economy that doesn’t work for them,” one protester said to local news station WNBC.

But the protester neglected to mention the reason why local officers are “harassing working class people” — because of the left-wing city’s draconian licensing laws.

Earlier this month, for instance, NYPD officers were forced to stop a woman from selling churros without a license. Backlash erupted after footage of the officers dragging away her cart went viral on social media.

“They were telling her that she could either give them her churro cart and receive a fine (one that she probably wouldn’t have been able to afford), or that they would take her cart and arrest her,” a bystander wrote at the time, according to WNBC.

Watch the footage below:

But as noted by the officers, the woman had been caught selling the churros multiple times. Plus, they don’t write the city’s draconian laws — its Democrat legislators do. Namely those Democrat legislators who believe that the solution to every problem is more regulation.

The protesters who disrupted life in the Big Apple on Friday were also still upset over how local authorities handled a black teen who refused to get off a subway train last month despite not having paid a fare. They flooded the train, tackled the teen to the ground, cuffed him, and dragged him away to be charged and processed.


The scofflaw’s arrest triggered protests and demonstrations, with locals once again hurling expletives at the police, barking unrealistic demands, defacing cop cars and more.

Footage from those protests — which were backed by socialist Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — may be seen below:

These protests come amid a startling rise in subway crimes.

“Through August, the system logged two murders and two rapes after logging only one slaying and not a single rape at the same point in 2018,” the New York Post confirmed in September. “The system has also been beset by rises in robberies — from 309 to 327 — and felony assaults, which have inched up from 229 to 233 over the same time period.”

Between Wednesday and Friday of this week alone, at least six violent crimes were reported:

  • A hammer-wielding thug yelled a gay slur at a man and then reportedly pushed him onto the subway tracks.
  • A man was slashed in the face and neck after he accidentally bumped into someone else at a station in Washington Heights.
  • Two boys were stabbed at a station in the Bronx.
  • A female conductor had water thrown in her face.
  • Another conductor was slapped in the face.
  • And a group of thugs reportedly antagonized a dog and then attacked its owners.

Learn more below:

(Source: WCBS)

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