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UGLY: Ann Coulter rushed into Berkeley event, tickets stolen, students blocked, police harassed

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An appearance by Ann Coulter at the University of California at Berkeley descended into chaos as masked protestors showed up and multiple arrests were made.

Covering faces is a violation of the campus protest policy and the Bay Area’s FOX 2 reported as many as seven people were arrested.

Videos from the event showed protestors blocking attendees from entering the event, which was titled “Adios, America.” One woman even had her ticket stolen and Coulter took to Twitter to try and find out the woman’s identity so she could send her a signed book in place of her ticket.

“Hey, @BerkeleyCRs! If you can find out who this pretty girl is who got her ticket stolen by antifa, I’ll send her a book,” Coulter tweeted in response to the video.

Other videos posted by Coulter showed her being shielded by police as she entered the building where the event took place to talk.

Another video shows protestors creating a human wall to keep attendees from entering the event.

The Berkeley College Republicans reported that more than 2000 protestors showed up to the event. They caused Coulter to take the stage 15 minutes late.

“They can protest all they want and shout their slogans – free speech – I’m cool with that, but I am not cool with having somebody block our way getting in,” Derrick Main, a Marin County Republican Central Committee member, told FOX 2.

Protestors told news outlets Coulter is “not welcome” and they were there to stand against “white supremacy.”

This is unfortunately only the latest example of cancel culture taking over college campuses. Conservative commentators like Ben Shapiro face angry protestors anytime they step onto a college campus.

A new film from comedian Adam Carolla and conservative commentator Dennis Prager, titled “No Safe Spaces,” actually takes a deep dive into the lack of free speech on modern college campuses.

The film has earned only 50 percent favorable reviews on the website Rotten Tomatoes from critics, but a near-perfect score of 99 percent from audiences. In limited release, the film has already had an impressive box office run. It earned $45,000 from one theater in its opening weekend, which is the most a documentary has made from one theater besides Michael Moore’s “Sicko.” It will be released nationwide on December 6.


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