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Nunes yields to Schiff for ‘Storytime Hour,’ rips him for running ‘three-card Monte’ impeachment con

devin nunes adam schiff three card monte
Devin Nunes blasted Democrat Adam Schiff’s “impeachment inquisition” as a “three-card Monte” scam. (screenshot)

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Republican Devin Nunes — a ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee — eviscerated Democrat Adam Schiff for presiding over a sham “three-card Monte” hearing designed to gaslight the public during his party’s dumpster-fire “impeachment inquisition.”

Nunes concluded his closing statement on Day 4 of the hearings by saying: “I now yield to Mr. Schiff for ‘Storytime Hour.'” The dig caused Schiff’s face to turn beet-red.

Nunes said: “What have we learned from the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry? They promised the country a fair hearing. What have they delivered? The impeachment version of three-card Monte, a notorious short-con card trick where the mark — in this case, President Trump and the public — stands no chance of winning.”

He added: “Democrats promised the whistleblower’s testimony. In fact, they told us that we need to speak with the whistleblower. Then we learned that the whistleblower coordinated with the Democratic staff BEFORE alerting the intelligence community’s Inspector General.”

“To hide their con, the Democrats pound the table and gaslight the country, telling us that the whistleblower is entitled to an imaginary statutory right of anonymity. They accuse us of trying to out the whistleblower knowing that they’re the only ones who know who he is.”

(Source: Fox News)

Devin Nunes said the Democrats have rabidly pushed an unconstitutional spectacle but failed to deliver concrete evidence that President Trump committed any impeachable crimes:

“They say that if the facts are against you, argue the law. If the law is against you, argue the facts. And if both are against you, pound the table and yell like hell.”

“It seems that law schools these days are teaching their students a fourth tactic: If the facts and the law are against you, simply rig the game and hope your audience is too stupid to catch your duplicity.”

Nunes then reiterated the repeated observations of numerous analysts, who note that the Democrats have deprived President Trump of his Constitutionally-guaranteed due process rights by not allowing him to defend himself or call his own witnesses.

“This is not an impeachment inquiry, it’s an impeachment inquisition. In the Middle Ages, the inquisitor was free to act on his own and bring suit against any person who was even vaguely the subject of the lowest rumor. And the accused was denied any right to confront their accusers.

“Incredibly, or maybe not so much — given the Democrats’ track record — an inquisition victim had more rights than the Democrats are giving the President. After all, inquisition victims had the right to know their accuser’s name.”

“For those of you at home, it’s time to change the channel, turn down the volume or hide the kids, and put them the bed. Now I yield to Mr. Schiff for storytime hour.”

A red-faced Schiff responded by saying, “I thank the gentleman as always for his, uh, remarks.” The comment drew laughter in the hearing room. Of course, Adam doesn’t realize that the audience was laughing at him (not with him).

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