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Harris unwisely picks a fight with Gabbard for Fox News appearances during Obama’s term


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Kamala Harris attempted to get back at Tulsi Gabbard on Wednesday night’s presidential debate for the effective damage the Hawaii congresswoman has done to her campaign. Harris claims Gabbard should not be the presidential nominee for the Democrat Party because she did the unforgivable act of criticizing former President Barack Obama on Fox News.

“I think that it’s unfortunate that we have someone on this stage who is attempting to be the Democratic nominee for president of the United States who during the Obama administration spent four years full-time on Fox News criticizing President Obama,” Harris said.

“That’s ridiculous, Sen. Harris,” Gabbard responded.

Harris said Gabbard’s campaign is based around criticizing the Democrat Party “full-time,” which should disqualify her from representing it.

Gabbard responded by saying she is only criticizing the party’s leadership, especially when it comes to foreign policy. She accused Harris of trafficking in “lies” and promised that if the former prosecutor were elected president, she would only continue the “status quo.”

Harris also called for a nominee who can “rebuild the Obama coalition” and “go toe-to-toe with Donald Trump.”

“What we need on this stage, in November, is someone who has the ability to win … We need someone on that stage who has the ability to go toe-to-toe with Donald Trump and someone who has the ability to rebuild the Obama coalition and bring the party and the nation together,” Harris said.

Harris’ Gabbard criticisms came after the congresswoman and combat veteran took a shot at Hillary Clinton and said the Democrat Party no longer represents the average American:

Gabbard’s attacks on Harris and her questionable history as a prosecutor have thus far been effective, so it’s no surprise to see Harris trying to save her campaign by taking down the congresswoman. While Harris’ empty words about rebuilding coalitions and representing “all people” may earn her applause from the increasingly-leftist Democrat Party, it’s telling that her greatest criticism against Gabbard is that she goes on Fox News and actually criticizes fellow Democrats.

Harris even slammed Gabbard for daring to meet with the president at Trump Tower after he won the 2016 presidential election. Let that sink in. Harris criticized a member of Congress for actually speaking to the president. This is how lost the Democrat Party is today.

Harris later doubled down on her Gabbard criticisms in an interview with CNN.

“There have been so many attacks by her against the Democratic Party, against the very structure of how we do our work, that I felt the need to talk about it,” she said.

Democrats may balk at Donald Trump being president, but Trump opened up the Republican Party in a way few thought possible. He has brought with him Libertarian ideals, patriotic and nationalist principles and appealed to voters in places Republicans and Democrats never could have predicted. This is because he is not controlled by party leadership or working under the thumb of anyone else. Democrats, meanwhile, act as though the greatest sin a Democrat can do is talk to a conservative or speak ill of another Democrat. That party is a sinking ship and Harris made it clear on Wednesday night that she is going down with it.


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