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Pete Buttigieg shamed for ‘cute’ Holocaust Memorial photo posted by his husband

Pete Buttigieg and husband Chasten … Google images, Chuck Kennedy / PFA

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Pete Buttigieg is being blistered on Twitter for an image posted by his husband on Instagram that shows him at the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin with a “thirsty” caption that reads “This guy.”


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This guy.

A post shared by Chasten Buttigieg (@chasten.buttigieg) on

The New York Post reported

One person wrote: “Only a stone cold psychopath makes the holocaust memorial about his adorable relationship. Shame on you.”

“’This guy’ instagramming at the holocaust memorial has some explaining to do,” added Taurus Lynn, a self-described backer of Beto O’Rourke.

“Boo is looking so cute here at the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe,” mocked another poster.

The image was taken in April 2017 and posted by Chasten Buttigieg.

The campaign of the surging 2020 Dem contender has been taking a beating over the last week with other missteps that have triggered the campaign police.

After claiming 400 black South Carolina citizens endorsed his racial-justice Douglass plan, it was found that in fact almost half of the 400 were white. Even more troubling is that many of the people listed as supporters, including black leaders, were not aware of the plan or did not support the plan or Buttigieg.

Connected with that incident, a stock photo of a Kenyan woman was inexplicably used for campaign purposes.

Business Insider reports that the stunning memorial intended to invoke thoughtful reflection on the magnitude of the 20th century Holocaust has been increasingly a focal point for controversy …

The visually arresting memorial, which features rows of large stone blocks, is a major tourist attraction in Berlin and has been the location of much controversial behavior, including social-media posts and selfies, since it opened to the public in 2005.

Many Jewish advocates and others have condemned those who use the Holocaust memorial as a photo opportunity. Shahak Shapira, an Israeli comedian living in Germany, started a campaign in recent years to shame those who take selfies there.

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