FBI reportedly probing possible ‘criminal enterprise’ involved in death of Jeffrey Epstein

The FBI is reportedly investigating a possible “criminal enterprise” involved in the death of Jeffrey Epstein. While attention has been focused on the impeachment show-trial in the House, […]

‘It’s Lieutenant Colonel’: ‘Revealing’ moment Vindman ‘corrects’ Nunes for not addressing him by rank

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman came under fire Tuesday over who he spoke with about President Trump’s call with the Ukrainian president as the nation marks week two of […]

Chaotic scene, two arrests after ‘Antifa’ and progressive group members shut down College Republicans

Adam Sabes, Campus Reform  A College Republicans event was shut down by protesters Monday night. Police arrested two individuals as a result, according to the school. A […]

Trump to enter uncharted territory when legendary MAGA supporter wins prestigious ‘Arts’ medal

President Trump’s decision to participate in recognizing a National Medal of Arts recipient this year after not doing so in previous years has set off critics. But the […]

‘What business is it of yours?’ Megyn Kelly challenges McCarthy for intervening in ABC’s Epstein scandal

Shelby Talcott, DCNF  Journalist Megyn Kelly spoke to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy in an interview Monday night about the letter he sent to ABC News. McCarthy sent […]

Jordan methodically narrows possibilities of who may have tipped whistleblower during Vindman grilling

While questioning Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman on Tuesday, Rep, Jim Jordan, R-Ohio,  worked to narrow down who may have provided the whistleblower with information about President Donald Trump’s […]

Twitter announces new policy aimed at curbing harassment through user-created ‘lists’

Fresh off of banning political ads, Twitter has now taken to making it easier for its users to report “Lists” that are being used for evil purposes. […]

‘Answer or plead the Fifth’: Nunes appears to hit the mark when he grills Vindman over ‘whistleblower’

It didn’t take Rep, Devin Nunes, R-Calif., very long to strike pay dirt Tuesday while questioning Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman in week two of the Democratic Party’s dog […]

‘Puppets of the Dem Party’: Nunes shreds media for biased hearing coverage in opening statement

Rep. Devin Nunes used his opening statement in Tuesday’s House impeachment hearing to rip into the liberal media for being “puppets” of the Democrat Party. The ranking member […]

Jarrett: Congress members guilty of ‘bribery’ every day, Dem’s case against Trump is case against themselves

According to Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett, President Donald Trump is guilty of neither bribery nor quid pro quo, which are, in reality, the same thing. The […]

‘Meth. We’re on it’: Anti-drug campaign in South Dakota raises more questions than answers

South Dakota has a methamphetamine epidemic but its campaign to raise awareness isn’t exactly going as planned. “South Dakota’s meth crisis is growing at an alarming rate,” Republican Gov. […]

Firestorm when Chick-Fil-A caves to ‘rage mob,’ cuts donations to Christian orgs tagged ‘anti-LGBTQ’

Chick-fil-A finds itself in the center of a firestorm of its own making after the chain announced this week that it will be narrowing the number of […]