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Talk radio host says he was fired mid-show for going after Trump on air

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Talk radio host Craig Silverman claimed he was fired from conservative radio station 710 KNUS mid-show on Saturday after criticizing President Donald Trump.

A former chief deputy district attorney in Denver, Silverman told The Denver Post that he was in the middle of a segment about Roy Cohn, Trump’s former personal lawyer, when his show was suddenly preempted by network news.

His producer reportedly threw his hands up in the air, indicating that he was not the one who made the move.

It was at that moment, Silverman said, that program director Kelly Michaels walked in and told him, “You’re done.”

KNUS is owned by Salem Media Group, which features Christian and conservative content. The company has yet to release a statement on Silverman’s status.

Silverman told The Post in a text the last segment before being taken off the air was to “observe how toxic Trump is in Colorado.”

“And to continue my show theme today that Democrats are making a strong case at the House impeachment hearing,” he added, according to the paper.

He took to Twitter to respond to a tweet from Democratic Colorado state Rep. Dylan Roberts saying of his alleged firing, “Sad day for Colorado and the First Amendment.”

“I cannot and will not toe strict Trump party line. I call things as I see them,” tweeted Silverman. “I see corruption and blatant dishonesty by President and his cronies. I also see bullying/smearing of American heroes w/courage to take oath and tell truth. Their bravery inspires me.”

That a Democrat saw fit to speak up for Silverman is a good indication of how critical the talk radio host is of Trump.

Unhinged “Never Tumper” Joe Walsh also went to bat for Silverman, a man he called a “great, honest voice.”

The Post noted that Silverman actually voted for Trump in 2016, but his support for the president “soured” over time.

A perusal of Silverman’s Twitter page shows that he’s no longer a fan of Trump, as seen Friday in his responses to former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch testifying in the Democratic Party’s dog and pony impeachment show trial.

He cheered her for being “strong,” and accused Trump of “real time intimidation,” a charge leveled by Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., chairman of the House Intel Committee, in response to Trump tweeting about the former ambassador on Friday.

“New article of impeachment please,” Silverman tweeted.

He also called Rep. Schiff “a victim of presidential smearing.”

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