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Elise Stefanik strikes back at ‘misogynist’ George Conway for calling her ‘trash,’ sharing fake photo

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After White House counselor Kellyanne Conway’s notorious anti-Trump husband, George Conway, obsessively spent much of Saturday morning trash-talking New York Rep. Elise Stefanik on Twitter, the firebrand conservative fired back with some tough talk of her own.

First, she exposed Conway’s passive-aggressive husband for tweeting out a doctored image to smear her. Then she urged him to seek mental help. And lastly, she called him the m-word, misogynist, over his manic attacks on her.

(FYI, CNN has rushed to George’s defense in regard to the doctored photo.)


The rebuttals above were posted after George spent much of Saturday morning posting tweets accusing the Republican congressman of being “lying trash” and a “bald-faced liar,” promoting her Democrat challenger, Tedra Cobb, and sharing a doctored image of her purportedly holding up her middle finger.

While the latter tweet has since been deleted, a screenshot copy of it still remains. So do the remainder of his tweets, which he’s chosen to not delete.


After spending years aiming his fury at President Donald Trump, it appears that Conway’s “disrespectful” husband has found a new target for his unhealthy rage.

His latest bout of hatred appears to stem from a tweet Stefanik posted during Friday’s congressional hearing in which she accused Democrat members of the House Intelligence Committee of trying to silence her.

But despite George’s claim that she’s a “lying piece of trash,” the video evidence she presented in her tweet appears to back her claim up to a T:

While it’s true she was later allowed to speak, as Conway’s irate husband noted in his angry tweet, the fact still remains that committee chair Adam Schiff did initially try to gag her — reportedly in accordance with the “unfair” rules established by the Democrat-controlled Rules Committee.

Still, even if Conway had a point, which is debatable, was it necessary for him to resort to maligning Stefanik with vitriolic insults and a doctored photo?

According to a vast army of critics, the answer to that question is NO.


There was a great deal of irony in the replies. As noted by George’s critics, his behavior is and has been abnormal. It’s ironic because much of his life in recent times has been spent accusing the president of being abnormal.

Yet Trump isn’t the one who must purposefully spend all day tweeting trash on Twitter, lest he lose his temper and unleash a yelling tantrum on his wife …

Speaking of tantrums, Conway’s husband eventually responded to Stefanik’s rebuttal by accusing her of willingly telling “lies to defend a psychologically unstable man who calls people ‘scum’ for telling the truth about him.”

The “psychologically unstable man” whom George referenced was busy Saturday reportedly passing a health exam with flying colors.

Vivek Saxena


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