Ed Henry starts to validate ‘opinions’ of impeachment witnesses and it sets off Pete Hegseth bigtime

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Fox News co-host Pete Hegseth was quick to push back Sunday during a segment on “Fox & Friends” when colleague Ed Henry suggested that the White House may have more trouble this week with the witnesses expected to appear at the Democrats’ dog and pony impeachment show trial.

Henry said last week’s witnesses, to include William Taylor, the top U.S. diplomat in Ukraine, were dismissed as Never-Trumpers, people who disagreed with President Trump, but that changes this week.

“They’re going to have a little harder case this coming week perhaps, when you’ve got witnesses like Jennifer Williams, who you mentioned, who works inside the White House for Vice President Mike Pence,” Henry said.

“This is not a Never Trumper and she was listening in on the call and said, ‘I want to make two points,'” he added. “One, she said it was unusual and inappropriate, I think that’s problematic for the president. But on the other hand, she and other witnesses still — at least from what we know so far and we’ll see what they do in public — are not saying it’s impeachable. They’re not saying the law was broken. They’re not saying this is a high crime and misdemeanor … which is an important distinction to make. But I think for people who support the president to say nothing happened here and the call was perfect, they could still have some issues here.”

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Co-host Lisa Booth weighed in to say that is Williams’ opinion and “you have people like Tim Morrison with a different opinion.”

Morrison is the former top European affairs official on President Trump’s National Security Council.

Booth also noted that the transcript has been released “so the American people can determine if they think it was wrong … based on things they can read for themselves.”

She added that in terms of the impeachment of the president, no one has established high crimes and misdemeanors.

“Not even close,” Hegseth said, before turning back to Henry. “And you use the term unusual. Well, what do you think his presidency is? He’s done everything differently.”

Henry chimed in to say that the emphasis was on the call being “inappropriate.”

“Again, that is an opinion!” Hegseth countered. “That is an opinion of someone and if you’ve been to Washington, everyone’s got one and they think their opinion is right.”

He said the impeachment hearings “have devolved down into a policy discussion about what should we be doing in Ukraine.”

“Because that’s what this was about and acknowledging that everything there has been corrupt and the president is not wrong to say how do we confront this corruption,” Hegseth said.

“It’s so small and petty it’s embarrassing,” he concluded. “It really is for our country.”

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