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‘Larry the Cable Guy’ claims Twitter suppression after he tweets hilarious Schiff doppleganger

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Daniel Lawrence Whitney, better known as Larry the Cable Guy, claims that his Twitter account was being suppressed after a joke about Rep. Adam Schiff.

The actor and comedian announced to his more than 500,000 Twitter followers Wednesday that he believed that his notifications were “turned off” after he posted a collage of photos comparing the House Intelligence Committee chairman to the late comedian Andy Kaufman.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

Whitney tweeted that he was getting direct messages informing him of the move by Twitter after he posted the photos, explaining how he “disappeared from my wife’s timeline” a few minutes after sharing the post.

“Crazy,” he wrote of the situation.

“I’ve said for years the great Andy Kaufman faked his death and went into politics. TaDa!” Whitney posted Wednesday, the same day that Schiff made his opening remarks in the anti-climactic first day of public impeachment hearings.

Whitney compared Schiff’s appearance to that of Kaufman, an actor and performer who had a profound effect on comedy before his death in 1984 – a death that some still question never happened. Whitney lamented today’s cultural state in a separate tweet noting that the initial post “wasn’t even political.”

“They both had the same eyes, it’s funny. People said for years he faked his death so what’s wrong with saying he could be Schiff?” he asked. “Man what a bunch of cry babies.”

Many Twitter users responded to Whitney’s comments in agreement, also urging him to ignore the negative feedback. The 56-year-old even noted how in the past year they “just dump people from me,” referring to the social media platform.

And Whitney was far from alone in noticing the comparison.


Others on Twitter joined in the fun and offered their own comparisons to Schiff.


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