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Brian Stelter goes after ‘pro-Trump’ Fox shows for ‘hearsay’ argument and falls flat on his face

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CNN’s Brian Stelter is apparently missing the irony in his own show’s title.

The “Reliable Sources” host mocked Fox News hosts for allegedly being hypocritical in coverage of Wednesday’s House Intelligence Committee impeachment inquiry hearing.

(Image: CNN screenshot)

Stelter called out “Fox’s pro-Trump shows” in a tweet noting their criticism of “hearsay” evidence presented by witnesses before Congress on Wednesday.

The CNN host made what he must have thought was a clever dig at the network by pointing out that Fox News correspondent Ed Henry and host Laura Ingraham were commenting on second-hand information as well.

“So… in other words… hearsay?” The junior detective quipped.

Democrats were slammed Wednesday as their star witnesses in the impeachment hearings delivered an endless round of second and third-hand information.

William Taylor, the acting U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, at one point made the ridiculous statement that “what I can do here for you today is tell you what I heard from people” as related to the whistleblower complaint, which contained no first-hand information about President Trump’s July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, but sparked the impeachment inquiry.

Rep. John Ratcliffe noted the issue during his questioning of Taylor after reading multiple quotes from Zelensky about the phone conversation.

“Unlike the first 45 minutes that we heard from the Democrats today, that’s not second-hand information, it’s not hearsay,” he said referring to the fact that witnesses so far on Wednesday appeared to not be witnesses at all.

Even on Stelter’s own network, CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin noted Wednesday that neither of the witnesses even had direct contact with Trump.

“That’s a problem if you’re going to impeach the president,” he said.

Stelter’s hot take on “hearsay” earned him a quick schooling on Twitter.

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