Bloomberg takes another big step toward 2020 presidential race despite anemic poll numbers

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Billionaire and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is reportedly considering officially throwing his hat in the 2020 ring, despite previously indicating that he would be too old by election time.

He appears to be so confident that the people are craving his candidacy that he has begun the process of interviewing campaign staff, according to a Fox Business report:

In recent days, Bloomberg’s campaign office has begun the process of interviewing new staffers to work a presidential campaign that appears increasingly likely, according to people with direct knowledge of the matter. It’s unclear how many people Bloomberg is prepared to hire, or if he has extended any formal offers.

The report also mentioned that the multibillionaire is planning on “hiring several dozen advisers” to add to the team of campaign officials that Bloomberg already has on staff. From the sounds of it, a Bloomberg run isn’t going to be a small operation; the man is running to win and has the funds to do just that.

What he doesn’t have, according to The Morning Consult, is the support of voters. In fact, the former mayor received only 4% support and is viewed negatively by the majority of Democrat voters. This result places him just behind Kamala Harris, whose failing campaign has already had to cut positions and reallocate human resources just to stay afloat.

None of this seems to be bothering the 77-year-old Wall Street trader who is facing a massively uphill battle should he decide to announce an official candidacy. He already filed for the Democrat primaries in the states of Alabama and Arkansas earlier this week.

Veteran Democratic consultant Hank Sheinkopf reaffirmed Bloomberg’s willingness to do whatever it takes – spend any necessary amount of money – to become the president by the end of the election cycle.

“Mike Bloomberg doesn’t do things off the cuff,” he said. “He will hire as many people as he needs to run and that’s what he’s doing now.”

Unfortunately for him, the wealth he has amassed is exactly the reason why so many Democrats (especially those who support candidates like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren) find him distasteful. In fact, this duo has already accused him of attempting to use his money to buy the election. If Twitter is any indication, Bloomberg is going to have to search far and wide to find any support among his own party.

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