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UK’s Corbyn gives folks the creeps when tells photogs they will have to ‘cooperate’ under Socialism

(Image: Telegraph screenshot)

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British politician Jeremy Corbyn sparked concern with a chilling remark that he appeared to be making in jest to photographers.

The Labour Party leader’s joke to photographers vying for position during a photo opportunity on the campaign trail left many on social media worried they were seeing a glimpse of the future under his progressive party.

“No guys, you’ve got to cooperate,” the left-wing parliamentarian who first won his party’s leadership in 2015 said to the media in Blackpool.

“You see, under Socialism you will all cooperate,” he quipped.

The 70-year-old democratic socialist has been the Member of Parliament for Islington North since 1983 and has taken the Labour Party more to the left since assuming leadership. He has also been critical of the leader of the Conservative Party and new Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and has endorsed holding a referendum on the Brexit withdrawal agreement.

Corbyn refused to attend a state banquet hosted by Queen Elizabeth II for President Donald Trump when he visited the UK earlier this year, but did attend a protest outside of a joint press conference held by Trump and then-Prime Minister Theresa May.

He spoke of Labour’s plans for education on Tuesday, which include six years of free education for adults.

He also spoke about the two cyber-attacks on the party’s digital platform which have left him feeling “nervous” about the upcoming election.

Meanwhile, Corbyn’s comments to photographers about socialism drew quick reaction on social media.


Frieda Powers


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