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Omar’s Bloomberg tweet deemed anti-Semitic ‘dog whistle,’ even by leftists like Martina Navratilova

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Anti-Semitic Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s latest bout of alleged anti-Semitism was so blatant that it attracted criticism from one of the world’s best female tennis players of all time.

“This is a wrong thing to say, Congresswoman,” retired Czechoslovak-born American tennis champion Martina Navratilova tweeted late Saturday afternoon.

She posted the tweet after Omar dropped what some have argued may be her most anti-Semitic tweet to date:

Responding to a CNBC report that Jewish billionaire Leon G. Cooperman had pledged his support for Michael Bloomberg, a fellow Jewish billionaire who’s reportedly positioned himself to enter the 2020 race, the Muslim congresswoman dismissively tweeted, “I wonder why?”

To many, the tweet bore a disturbing resemblance to what she tweeted in February, when she suggested that U.S. politicians are beholden to Israeli money.

And even Navratilova, a far-leftist whose Twitter feed contains a hodgepodge of left-wing agitprop about President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans (look below), appeared to agree.

Navratilova wasn’t alone.

Also among the critics were polling expert Josh Jordan, “non-binary” political commentator Chad Felix Greene, renowned conservative commentator Mark Levin, and the Republican Jewish Coalition, among many others.

Besides describing the congresswoman’s tweet as anti-Semitic, they also accused it of being a “dog whistle.”


In response to the accusations, Omar chose to retweet a defense of her position by one of the country’s most notorious anti-Semites, Linda Sarsour.

“Oh for God’s sake, stop this ridiculousness. This obsession with every word Ilhan says or tweets is tired and it’s getting old,” Sarsour wrote.

Sarsour is a Palestinian activist who boasts ties to Louis Farrakhan, an even more notorious anti-Semite who’s frequently ranted about his hatred for the “wicked Jews” and “Satanic Jews.”

Omar also retweeted Leah Greenberg, the co-executive director of the far-left anti-Trump “resistance” group known as Indivisible Team.

Greenberg was among a slew of leftists who tried to claim that the congresswoman had been commenting on the fact that a billionaire is supporting another billionaire.


But three facts seem to belie this argument.

First, the congresswoman hasn’t pushed back on the anti-Semites who’ve endorsed her remarks:

Second, this isn’t the first time — or even the second time — she’s posted or said something that could be construed as being anti-Semitic.

Third, after a report emerged on Saturday that Jeff Bezos, another billionaire, had asked Bloomberg to run for office, the congresswoman said nothing.

In the words of Omar, “I wonder why? ?”

Vivek Saxena


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