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Megyn Kelly plugs exclusive, and unconventional, interview with suspected ABC ‘Epstein leaker’

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In launching her new Instagram account, Megyn Kelly teased an exclusive interview with the employee fired from CBS News after the leak of a hot mic video clip of ABC’s Amy Robach talking about how her Jeffrey Epstein story was “quashed” by her network.

In the clip, Robach said she had known about the allegations against the deceased pedophile and his associates, including former President Bill Clinton, for three years, and expressed her outrage over having been prevented from reporting the since-exposed facts.

“I’ve had the story for three years… We would not put it on the air,” Robach said.

Promising the interview would be posted later Friday on Instagram and YouTube, Kelly shared a short clip online saying she now has the “full story.”

The caption stated: “Launching my Instagram with an exclusive interview of the woman just fired after the leak of a hot mic moment by ABC’s @ajrobach. But did ABC News target the right person?”


Citing a source, Daily Mail reported the CBS staffer is Ashley Bianco, 25, an Emmy-winning producer for CBS This Morning, who contacted Kelly directly to allow her voice to be heard.

The British tabloid said Bianco was fired on Thursday after the network was informed by ABC that she had “leaked” the footage of Robach ranting about ABC shutting down her Epstein story.

This is also being reported online.

Ali stressed in another tweet she “was not fired by CBS News for leaking the footage of Amy Robach to Project Veritas … Bianco was fired because ABC News determined that she accessed the footage of Robach.”

We’ll know soon enough, once Kelly airs her exclusive interview.

Kelly is clearly eager to get back on air and influence the news cycle, even if some supporters of President Donald Trump still hold a grudge for her clash with Trump back in 2016.

In what was her first televised appearance in almost a year, Kelly appeared on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” last month, proving she can still draw an audience.

Kelly’s appearance drew more than 4 million viewers, according to Nielson, making the show the most-watched program on cable that night.

But she appears to be plotting an unconventional comeback.

Amid speculation she may return to Fox News after Shepard Smith’s resignation, she is reportedly looking to launch her own news production company, similar to that of her former colleague and later nemesis Bill O’Reilly.

(*Update: For the record, Fox News released a statement last month regarding the speculation surrounding Kelly:  “Megyn Kelly’s forthcoming guest appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight was coordinated weeks ago and is a one-time occurrence,” said a Fox News spokesperson. “Any future programming changes we are considering do not involve her.”)

Kelly teased the interview with the now-former CBS employee on Twitter, to include an apparent glimpse of the woman from behind.

In a statement, ABC News explained the decision not to air Robach’s reporting at the time.

“At the time, not all of our reporting met our standards to air, but we have never stopped investigating the story,” the network said in a release.

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