Chris ‘tingles’ Matthews has nerve to knock ‘bromance’ between Lou Dobbs and Trump

MSNBC’s “Hardball” host is known for saying some off-the-wall stuff, but Chris Matthews really outdid himself on Wednesday’s episode. While obsessing over the potential impeachment of President […]

ABC warns CBS about suspected leaker of damning Epstein video, staffer promptly fired

In response to being exposed for having buried the Epstein story, ABC News has shown more interest in “hunting down” and punishing the employee or employees who helped […]

Elizabeth Warren pushes billionaire Bill Gates to his limit: I’ve paid more taxes than anyone

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is assuring one of the world’s richest people that her proposed wealth tax is not as bad as it seems. The 2020 Democratic presidential candidate […]

Relative of family massacred in Mexico urges Americans to ‘fight’ for their guns

A relative of the nine U.S.-Mexican citizens who were brutally murdered in Mexico earlier this week told left-wing CNN host Anderson Cooper to his face on Wednesday […]

Jim Acosta kid worm dance
Jim Acosta gets upstaged by kid doing ‘the worm’ dance at Trump rally

CNN opinion reporter Jim Acosta got upstaged by a boy doing “the worm” in the background as he was covering President Trump’s raucous Louisiana rally yesterday (Nov. […]

Rand Paul blocks resolution to reaffirm whistleblower protections, calls out Dems’ ‘selective outrage’

Republican Sen. Rand Paul on Wednesday blocked a resolution that would reaffirm the importance of whistleblower protections. The consent had to be unanimous and was requested by Senate […]

Dem activist charged with criminal sexual misconduct for allegedly assaulting mentally disabled student

Mary Margaret Olohan, DCNF.   An 18-year-old mentally disabled Michigan student alleges that he engaged in oral sex with a school employee, who is also a Democratic activist. […]

‘Medical professionals’ protest Melania Trump’s visit to spotlight help for drug-addicted babies

Hundreds of Boston Medical Center employees complained about and/or protested attempts by first lady Melania Trump this week to shine a spotlight on an innovative new program […]

Trump whips out report on whistleblower lawyer’s incriminating tweets, calls out complicit media at LA rally

President Trump blasted the “sleazeball” attorney for the whistleblower and the predictions of a “coup” he made years ago. The president certainly spoke for a lot of […]

Republicans drop name of alleged whistleblower during diplomat’s deposition

Chuck Ross, DCNF The lead Republican attorney in the Trump impeachment inquiry inserted the name of the alleged CIA whistleblower during a line of questioning with Bill […]

Joe DiGenova: IG report will be ‘devastating’ for Obama holdovers as indictments loom

Former federal prosecutor Joe diGenova said the forthcoming “explosive” Inspector General report detailing the multiple FISA abuses committed by the Obama FBI and DOJ will be “the […]

‘Coup has started:’ Slew of tweets show whistleblower’s lawyer eager to oust Trump since Jan. 2017

Two years before the unnamed whistleblower levied accusations of corruption against President Donald Trump, his current lawyer posted disturbing tweets about a “#coup” that would involve the […]