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Jim Acosta gets upstaged by kid doing ‘the worm’ dance at Trump rally

Jim Acosta kid worm dance/Twitter
CNN’s showboating “reporter” Jim Acosta got upstaged by a boy doing “The Worm” dance in the background at a Trump rally in Louisiana. (screenshot)

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CNN opinion reporter Jim Acosta got upstaged by a boy doing “the worm” in the background as he was covering President Trump’s raucous Louisiana rally yesterday (Nov. 6).

The hilarity was captured on video by Canadian journalist Richard Madan, who tweeted: “The kid doing ‘the worm’ behind Jim Acosta is the best thing I’ve seen today.”

The showboating Acosta — who often hijacks world events to make himself the news — gave props to the kid for doing what he usually does. “Nice work, kid!” Acosta tweeted.

(Source: Richard Madan/Twitter)

Meanwhile, Acosta was comically dragged on Twitter by Trump supporters, who said the kid doing “the worm” was Jim’s best on-camera work ever.

One man sarcastically tweeted: “This is the work that will get Jim that Pulitzer for sure!”

Another quipped that Acosta’s video captured “two worms in one shot.”

One guy tweeted a throwback photo from an August 2018 Trump rally, where Acosta was barraged with chants of “CNN sucks!” and “Tell the truth!” by a fired-up crowd.

Acosta has been unusually quiet recently since raising his profile by repeatedly embarrassing himself while covering Trump events.

In June 2018, Acosta was widely slammed for bragging on a hot mic that he had deliberately disrupted the historic summit between North Korea’s Kim Jong Un and President Trump as petty revenge for not being allowed to attend their denuclearization meeting.

Acosta was heard boasting on audio: “Hey, if they’re not going to let me in the f***ing meeting, that’s what happens. That’s the way it goes, baby!”

Two months later — in August 2018 — Acosta was trashed as a showboating clown by the left-wing magazine The Atlantic, which blasted his “dangerous performance journalism.”

Ironically, the story was published one day before Acosta posted a narcissistic selfie where he blithely preens in front of a mirror. That photo was taken shortly before Jim talked about himself ad nauseam on Stephen Colbert’s talk show.

jim acosta mirror
Jim Acosta loves Jim Acosta. (Twitter selfie)

In his article, The Atlantic writer Todd Purdum slammed Acosta for using White House events to make himself the focus of the day’s news.

Purdum, who was previously a WH correspondent for the New York Times, said he has seen these self-serving stunts before.

Purdum — who is not a Trump supporter — said Acosta’s antics only confirm President Trump’s repeated assertions that the mainstream media are no longer “journalists,” but instead are political activists who push left-wing narratives and fake news.

Predictably, liberals trashed The Atlantic piece, but others said it rang true. Meanwhile, Acosta was hilariously mocked on Twitter for his awkward selfie.

“Acosta actually does this for like 11 hours a day,” one Twitter user observed.

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