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Kat Timpf describes despicable public harassment because of where she works: ‘I’m so sick of this sh*t’

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Fox News personality Kat Timpf went on a Twitter rant Monday night about being sick of dealing with intolerance of where she works when out in the public — while she didn’t elaborate further, there’s a reason progressives are called the “intolerant left.”

It’s clear that Timpf had just experienced some type of encounter, which she said was the fourth time she has had to deal with this outrageous behavior.

“The people who pretend to be so tolerant and accepting are honestly the biggest bullies I have ever encountered. This is not a talking point, this is my experience. Tonight marks the 4th incident I’ve had where I was unwelcome somewhere because of where I work,” she said. “I do not mean unwelcome by the establishment. They were very kind, which is why I will not be naming any further details because I do not want retaliation but rather to make a point.”

To be clear, her crime was little more than being a Fox News employee and Timpf is “sick of this sh*t.”

“During this incident, like the others, the person with the issue was unable, when asked, to provide a single example of one of my exact views or actions or statements that he took issue with. Just my affiliation,” Timpf wrote.

“I am so sick of this shit I cannot even tell you anymore,” she continued. “You are not a hero for baselessly being an asshole to people whom you have never met, but also apparently do not even understand a single thing about.”

Timpf let her followers know a little about the state of her mind, saying she’s struggling to face the 5th anniversary of her mother’s death.

“A few hours from now is the 5th anniversary of my mom suddenly dying. That was painful & real & I’m still upset over it. That’s real shit, & most of us have gone through something real. Why can’t we recognize that when we see each other, instead of looking for a reason to hate?” she tweeted.

Timpf also hinted that in all the negativity, her tormentors are likely driven by their hatred of President Trump.

She concluded with this: “Also, for what it’s worth, I voted for Gary Johnson.”

Fox News colleague Janice Dean was among those responding — she tweeted: “Love you lady. I’m sorry people are awful.”

Here’s a sampling of other responses, though it’s hard to say if the intolerant left is emulating the behavior they see from Democrats like California Rep. Maxine Waters or vice versa.

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