Stelter’s ‘groundbreaking’ report on how Fox News is different than CNN/MSNBC is topped by responses


CNN’s Brian Stelter was quickly schooled after attempting a smug jab at Fox News over what he saw as a lack of journalistic content.

Stelter took to Twitter on Sunday to point out a glaring difference between what his network, as well as MSNBC, were airing versus what Fox News was sharing with its viewers.

His stunning lack of self-awareness was not lost on Twitter users.

Stelter’s ridiculous observation about Fox News came hours after he had tackled a riveting investigative report on how President Donald Trump makes “a lot more” spelling mistakes on social media than others.

Naturally, there was no data to back up the claim that the president errs more in Twitter spelling mistakes “than most people.” But the segment sure got the attention of many who noted the failed journalistic attempt on “Reliable Sources.”

“Imagine if they spent as much time scrutinizing, say, Elizabeth Warren’s $20 TRILLION Medicare for all proposal?” the Daily Telegraph’s James Morrow tweeted.

Seattle conservative radio host Jason Rantz sarcastically predicted Stelter’s “truly stunning and brave” expose on Trump’s typos would earn him “awards and respect.”

Fox News Channel continues to trounce the cable news competition as the latest prime time ratings showed the network pulling in an average of 3.3 million viewers, compared to MSNBC which averaged 2.3 million and CNN finishing far behind with a 1 million average viewership.

This comes as liberal media talking heads and the pundits on the left continue to bash Fox News viewers as well as Trump supporters who have “no clue” they are being “manipulated” by the network, as former congressman and 2020 hopeful Joe Walsh pointed out to Stelter.

The CNN host’s tone-deaf observation about what was airing on Fox News earned him a fresh round of mockery on Twitter.

Frieda Powers


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