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Trollmaster Trump shares meme comparing Pelosi to hero dog in raid

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Yep, he went there. President Trump on Saturday put a big old troll-worthy thumping on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi when he retweeted this:


By extension, we can apply the zinger to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff and all the rest of the leaky Democrats who have whined about not being trusted and left in the dark about the special operations raid that took down ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi on October 27.

Trump admitted in his announcement of the raid that he held knowledge of the raid close to the vest. A reporter asked if he informed Pelosi of the raid ahead of time, and he replied: “No, I didn’t do that. I wanted to make sure this was kept secret. I didn’t want to have men lost. And women. I don’t want to have people lost.”

Watch that excerpt here:

Video by ABC News

On the other hand, the Russians were advised that U.S. troops were being sent into the area to avoid any dangerous misunderstandings. And if there’s an exquisitely pointed dagger in all of this, it’s that the Russians knew more about the historic mission than the treacherous American left.

“The House must be briefed on this raid, which the Russians but not top congressional leadership were notified of in advance,” Pelosi said in a statement she released on Sunday.

Schiff also complained.

“If something had gone wrong, had we gotten into a firefight with the Russians, it’s to the administration’s advantage to say, ‘We informed Congress we were going in, we gave them the chance to give feedback.’ That wasn’t done,” he said.

OK — so of course, Schiff was all about having the president’s back.

In the retweeted meme, the heroic Conan did have a “need to know.” The Belgian Malinois was slightly wounded when al-Bagdadi detonated his suicide vest and he deserves the recognition that is coming, as the dog is expected to visit the White House this week, according to the president.

It’s not yet clear how Democrats will twist that event into a partisan outrage, but they may find a way.

After spending most of his first term so far attempting to work in bipartisan fashion with Democrats in Congress, but being met with only with contempt and hate from the left, the president has increasingly been willing to take his shots at the noxious, do-nothing leftist legislators.

Last month, Democrats stormed out of a meeting at the White House that was to have been about Trump’s decision to pull troops out of northern Syria. According to Rep. Kevin McCarthy, Pelosi’s grandstanding behavior was “unbecoming” and Trump responded by calling her a “third grade politician.”

Subsequently, Trump trolled her unmercifully:

Given the Dems’ escalating war on the administration and America in general, it’s safe to say we will continue to see, going forward, more epic tweets lobbed at the left from Pennsylvania Avenue.

Victor Rantala


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