Sunshine State News and Nancy Smith ride off into sunset

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The much-admired Sunshine State News of Florida, one of the best and first conservative news sites in the state, has shut down.

Sunshine State publisher and editor Nancy Smith posted a heartfelt and poignant goodbye on Friday after nearly ten years of publishing.

When BizPac Review first started publishing in January of 2011, SSN was one of the sites we admired and read every day.

Soon after we started up, Nancy Smith interviewed our chairman and my fellow co-founder John R. Smith and wrote a profile on our start-up that helped put us on the map in Florida.

Nancy Smith was a quietly inspirational figure in the world of news written by and for conservatives in Florida.

Sunshine State News was never a blog. It was always a site that reported the news, news written by conservatives, but news that was accurate and fair.

The hostility from the mainstream media towards conservative sites was as vicious and unrelenting then as it is now. Except now, there’s an army of conservative news sites fighting back.

Nancy Smith and Sunshine State News were pioneers in forming that army, and every conservative owes the entire staff of the SSN a debt of gratitude.

We’ll miss them.

Jack Furnari


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