Elizabeth Warren concedes 2 million jobs could be lost under Medicare for All

Sen. Elizabeth Warren was repeatedly pressed to provide real numbers to supporther “Medicare for All” plan and she finally ivered, but the stunning figures drew backlash. […]

CNN political analyst throws cold water on impeachment fever, warns backlash coming for Dems

A CNN political director threw some cold water on Democrats celebrating Thursday’s impeachment vote. David Chalian warned that the decision by House Democrats to side with Speaker […]

Gov Cuomo jabs Trump for Florida move, Don Jr swoops in with humiliating counterpunch

The petty response from New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to the news that President Donald Trump will make Florida his permanent residence after he vacates the White […]

Weird moment when Alaska Rep head-butts camera of activist

Mary Margaret Olohan, DCNF An Alaskan congressman head-butted a left-wing activist group’s camera after being asked about foreign interference in government elections, video shows. Republican Alaska Rep. […]

Over-the-target or conspiracy? Sharyl Attkisson’s questions on whistleblower sparks HOT debate

Investigative journalistSharyl Attkisson schooled a user accusing her of pushing conspiracy theories about the whistleblower who filed a complaint against President Trump. The Emmy-award winning writer […]

SG Camerota-Schlapp
Matt Schlapp battles CNN’s Camerota over ‘standard’ for impeachment in testy exchange

Democrats and their media allies, not to mention “Never Trump” Republicans like Ana Navarro, are beside themselves after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi failed to get a single […]

Katy Perry’s eagerness to share photo dressed up like buddy Hillary could cost her

It may be the least of her legal problems, but singer Katy Perry is still loing at a possible $150,000 price tag for a 2016 photograph of […]

Schiff claims closed-door impeachment inquiry transcripts will be released ‘early as next week’

House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff revealed that transcripts fromclosed-door interviews conducted during the impeachment inquiry of President Trump may soon be released. The California Democrat dismissed arguments […]

AOC leads narrative Katie Hill was ‘victim’ of revenge porn…never would happen to a man

Congressional Democrats and their partisan media allies have begun circling the wagons around disgraced former California Rep. Katie Hill, and leading the charge is socialist Rep. Alexandria […]

‘That’s just bull’: Bannon and Cooper clash over who’s done dirty work with Ukraine

When confronted late Thursday about former Vice President Joe Biden’s alleged corruption, all CNN “journalist” Anderson Cooper had to say was “that’s just bull!” His guest,former White […]

tucker carlson adam schiff impeachment
Tucker Carlson mocks Adam Schiff’s impeachment glee: ‘Happiest day of his life’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson torched Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff for his jovial celebration of the impeachment inquiry of President Trump. Carlson noted that despite Schiff’s disingenuous […]

Brazile and Faulkner spar over Dem’s impeachment obsession: ‘Give me just a little respect?’

Donna Brazile, the former interim DNC chairwoman and now Fox News contributor, got into a spirited exchange with network host Harris Faulkner over the Democratic Party’s obsession […]

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