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Hillary excites liberal base, celebrates Twitter’s refusal of political ads

(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

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Two-time Democratic presidential loser Hillary Clinton is celebrating the decision by Twitter to not allow political ads of any kind on their website. This comes in the wake of Facebook receiving major pushback over their relatively lax fact-checking on advertisements run by politicians.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey composed a multi-tweet threat regarding the latest decision, explaining that “political message reach should be earned, not bought.”

The responses to this announcement were universally positive from a largely liberal base, with blue checkmark accounts like Alyssa Milano chiming in to tell Jack how “proud” she was.

Hillary Clinton was more than happy to see the political reach of candidates squashed, as it is likely she still believes that Trump won the 2016 election as the result of Russian ad buys on Facebook.

Prior to her celebratory tweet, she had posted another message bashing Facebook for allowing “false information in political advertisements.” Naturally, this boiling hot take received some backlash.

One particularly clever user suggested that the real reason behind the liberal celebration of this move is simple: Democrat presidential candidates don’t have the funds to run ads.

It is unclear what an outright ban on political ads will mean to the 2020 presidential election, or if the impact will be felt by one party more than the other. What is known, though, is that Hillary Clinton still can’t get over the fact that she isn’t president, and she will blame that fact on everyone except herself.


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