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Air Force One serves Halloween meal and photos keep Twitter users guessing and guessing

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A recent meal reportedly served on Air Force One has sparked an internet conversation about its mysterious dessert.

A photo of the Halloween-inspired meal went viral and set many Twitter users to scratching their heads over what exactly accompanied the yellow stuffed pepper with a jack-o-lantern theme atop some salad greens. The photo, shared by journalist Michelle Kosinski, also showed what may have been a dessert which just confused viewers on Twitter.

The tweet has generated over 1,000 comments and been retweeted nearly 500 times, with many distracted by the mystery sweet to the left of the photo.

Comments were shared with guesses about what the “disgusting” dessert could be, as some speculated that it looked like “the most sinister scone in the world” or a “hideous raw organ.”

“What kind of maniac stuffs a pepper and then doesn’t cook the pepper,” one Twitter user wondered, with others focusing on the contents of the plate that Kosinski, CNN’s senior Diplomatic Correspondent shared.

One critic likened the meal to the catering at the disastrous Fyre Festival in 2017.

Kozinski followed up her tweet with a suggestion that the items would make a great Halloween costume.

“America demands answers,” she joked in another tweet, noting that the photo and commentary could prove to be “the next big internet mystery.”

And the theories kept coming, with guesses ranging from a “heavily frosted mutant cinnamon roll” to “frosted bread pudding,” and even, in the spirit of Halloween, a “boiled goblin head.”

In the end, there were some who simply wondered “why” and those who admittedly were just following the thread for the comments.

Frieda Powers


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