Nadler, Schiff release feisty statement on criminal probe, leftists call to ‘impeach Barr’

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With reports that U.S. Attorney John Durham’s probe into potential FBI and Justice Department misconduct in launching the Russia investigation has been elevated to a criminal inquiry, enabling Durham to subpoena witnesses and file charges, there is a new effort afoot to discredit Attorney General William Barr.

Two key Democrats leading the impeachment inquisition against President Donald Trump, Rep. Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, and Rep. Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, responded by slamming Barr, who appointed Durham, as a “vehicle for Trump’s political revenge.”

“These reports, if true, raise profound new concerns that the Department of Justice under Attorney General William Barr has lost its independence and become a vehicle for President Trump’s political revenge,” the pair said in a joint statement. “If the Department of Justice may be used as a tool of political retribution, or to help the President with a political narrative for the next election, the rule of law will suffer.”

Adding to the potential angst on the left is the news that Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz announced on Thursday his report on possible surveillance abuses will be released soon — this centers on the FISA warrants that enabled the FBI to begin spying on the Trump campaign.

Thus, a concerted effort to smear Barr and even call for his impeachment — much like we saw with Russia, the left now has impeachment on the brain.

The media, allies to the party that has essentially weaponized the lower chamber of Congress they now control to launch an impeachment inquisition against Trump, is referring to the investigation of the investigators as “political weaponization.”

Mollie Hemingway, senior editor at The Federalist and a contributor for Fox News, compared this to the media’s reaction to former special counsel Robert Mueller’s 2-year, $35 million probe.

“Absolutely FASCINATING to watch corporate media, which repeatedly claimed any skepticism of politicized Special Counsel probe was a threat to very republic, now claim a criminal probe into federal government’s spying and leak campaign against Trump is ‘political weaponization,'” she tweeted.

With the U.S. intelligence apparatus having targeted Trump, the developments this week give former FBI director James Comey, former CIA director John Brennan and former National Intelligence director James Clapper reason to be concerned.

As American Majority’s Ned Ryun tweeted, along with a clip of Clapper reacting to the news, “Nervous much, Jimmy?”

After all, there remains the possibility that the truth is coming… though that would be a rare occurrence.

As for the claim on the left that there is no evidence, former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino offered up his take:

Bongino’s tweet was in response to MSNBC analyst Matthew Miller doing his part to carry the water for the Democratic Party.

In reality, very little has been reported thus far on Durham’s efforts, which suggests the left is sweating the pending results.

Here’s a sampling of additional responses to the effort to smear Barr and dismiss the investigation of the investigators:

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