Sharyl Attkisson systematically breaks down Ukraine conspiracy theories: ‘Quid pro no’


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“Full Measure” host and commentator Sharyl Attkisson has given an injection of reality to Ukraine conspiracy theories being floated by Democrats.

In a Thursday morning Twitter storm, Attkisson broke down the rhetoric about Donald Trump supposedly engaging in a quid pro quo with the Ukrainian president. She insisted that despite what many Dem critics are thinking, none of their claims are based on facts.

“Here’s a problem with *some* fact checking: a lot of the issues are subjective or undecided. One cannot necessarily fairly determine someone is ‘lying’ if it’s a matter of opinion. Also, ‘facts’ (or what we believe to be true) constantly change,” she tweeted.

“What’s more, to label a ‘lie’ often involves getting into someone’s head to determine intent. Even when it seems ‘obvious,’ I think it’s usually just ill advised for a reporter to take that leap, short of an admission by the subject,” she continued.

“Which is why in my new reporting, I don’t label someone a ‘liar’ or what they said ‘lies’ even when I am pretty darn sure in my own mind… Best to leave it with — ‘the document contradicts’ them or a statement is ‘false.’ Viewers can draw their own conclusions,” she added, referencing a new piece she wrote for The Hill breaking down the controversy at the center of the current impeachment inquiry.

Attkisson then broke it down further, breaking down what diplomatic quid pro quo actually is and how Trump’s actions are not all that uncommon.

She then responded to critics and gave the perfect term for what is happening, one that will no doubt worry Dems: “quid pro no.”

Besides the fact that the impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump has been clouded in secrecy and outright lies, there has been no solid evidence of anything substantial. Democrats have pushed conspiracy theories of quid pro quo and political espionage, but the transcript of the call in question between Trump and the Ukrainian president didn’t produce anything close to what the Democrats are shouting about.

On top of that, the whistleblower complaint that kicked everything off has been credibly accused of being politically-motivated and contains zero firsthand information about the Ukraine phone call. Attkisson did her due diligence by breaking the matter down like mainstream journalists refuse to do, but Democrats are so committed to this nothing-burger, that it’s likely to fall on deaf ears when it comes to the left.


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