Sharyl Attkisson systematically breaks down Ukraine conspiracy theories: ‘Quid pro no’

  “Full Measure” host and commentator Sharyl Attkisson has given an injection of reality to Ukraine conspiracy theories being floated by Democrats. In a Thursday morning Twitter […]

Antifa thug who attacked 56-yr-old Trump supporter ‘appeared shocked’ when judge doles out sentence

An “anti-fascist” protester who violently assaulted a supporter of President Trump last year was sentenced to 18 months in prison. Two weeks after pleading guilty in the […]

Charges dropped against student who resisted arrest in viral video, Oregon police sever ties with college

A video has been making the rounds on social media showing the arrest of 21-year-old Genesis Hansen, a black student at Oregon State University. Hansen was stopped […]

Brother of Sandy Hook victim calls Joe Biden’s recollection a ‘lie’

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden was challenged over claims he made in a video about the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. The former vice president claimed in […]

Brit Hume nails Dems for closed-door tactics with one devastating tweet

Of the many reasons offered for why the American people ought to be concerned about congressional Democrats’ handling of their informal impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump, […]

Satirical ‘Hillary tweet’ claiming condolences for Tulsi Gabbard’s demise wins the internet

The Babylon Bee had maybe the best reaction to the recent spat between Hillary Clinton and presidential hopeful Tulsi Gabbard. “Hillary Clinton Accidentally Posts Condolences For Tulsi […]

After labeled ‘white man,’ Gaetz doesn’t let Dem Rep and her divisive identity politics slide

Because the “journalists” at MSNBC were unwilling to do their jobs, it took Freedom Caucus member Rep. Matt Gaetz appearing on the network late Thursday morning to expose […]

Trump camp snatches web domain for Biden’s Latino outreach, leaves hilarious message

Audrey Conklin, DCNF  The 2020 Trump campaign trolled Democratic candidate Joe Biden Wednesday by purchasing the web domain for Biden’s new Latino outreach campaign. The former vice […]

WH defends threat to veto Dem’s ‘ambiguous and unenforceable’ election security bill

The White House has vowed to veto a “redundant, overly broad, ambiguous, and unenforceable” bill proposed by House Democrats that would ostensibly stop federal election campaigns from […]

Pro-Trump umpire investigated by MLB for heated tweet about buying a rifle and civil war

A veteran umpire is under an investigation by Major League Baseball after comments he made about the impeachment inquiry into President Trump. Longtime umpire Rob Drake threatened in […]

Dem Rep suggests draconian tactic to force Trump aides to testify, MSNBC Mika’s all ears

Only weeks after radical anti-Semitic Muslim Rep. Rashida Tlaib spoke of arresting Trump administration officials who refuse to comply with her colleagues’ subpoenas, another Democrat has upped […]

Young NBA fan expertly trolls cameraman when he flashes pro-Hong Kong message

A young fan pulled the ultimate troll move on the NBA at a game this week between the Lakers and the Clippers. As the dance cam moved […]